Nutrition By The Book

The Endurance Training Diet & Cookbook (Harmony 2017) by Jesse Kropelnicki is both a cookbook and a training nutrition manual. Kropelnicki shares his personal program of optimized nutrition, including 70 recipes that put his concepts into practice. The book provides nutrition information for distance runners, cyclists and triathletes and explores guidelines for what to eat pre-workout, post-workout and during recovery. There’s also a game plan for race-day nutrition.

Long-Distance Hydration


The Switchblade from NATHAN&reg: is designed to be bounce- and chafe-free, and the two 12-ounce SpeedShot Flasks make it an excellent solution to hydration for long-distance runs. You can position the flasks for a customized fit, and the belt also includes a storage compartment for your smartphone.

Mobile Motivation


The Escape Your Limits App from Escape Fitness&reg: provides access to workout routines and individual exercises, helping to keep users motivated no matter where they are. The free download incorporates functional fitness training that helps to builds strength, improve core stability and achieve weight loss goals. Many workouts utilize Escape Fitness equipment; additional workout routines can also be purchased in-app.

Travel in Style


The Gym Bag from Duluth Pack is a handcrafted, unisex bag that offers a practical and fashionable option for carrying your gym wear. From top (cotton web handles with a leather-snap grip) to bottom (a water-resistant lining inside the zippered bottom compartment), the bags are made in the U.S. and guaranteed for life. The full-wraparound zippers allow for easy loading and unloading. There are a variety of color options.

Performance Socks


The Dynamic+ Run Ultralight No Show Socks from CEP&reg: provide extra-strong compression and stability for maximum performance, as well as ankle and arch stabilization to protect against injuries. The minimally padded foot section allows for a better fit in sports shoes, and polypropylene provides heat and moisture management. Filament fibers make these German-made socks extremely durable.

Hydration and Restoration in One


Hydro-Roller by SKLZ&reg: is a water bottle and a foam roller. The bottle is made of durable stainless steel covered with a high-density foam roller. This convenient tool allows you to stay hydrated during your workouts and foam-roll right after to relieve muscle tension. Both portable and practical, this unique tool means you can bring less gear with you—freeing up space in your gym bag.