Fitness professionals are not the only ones maintaining profiles on IDEA FitnessConnect. Program directors and club owners are also leveraging their clubs’ presence in this directory to feature staff, increase member leads and reinforce marketing efforts.

The differences between a facility profile and a fitness professional profile are slight but significant. A facility profile includes a place to list the club’s amenities, club hours, address, website, size and membership prices. There are also tabs for displaying classes and events, videos, member success stories and a blog. An additional tab labeled “Staff” makes it convenient to view the specialties and credentials of the professional team. The facility profile also includes a “Guest Pass” button to generate leads and a member newsletter to enhance correspondence.

Managing a facility profile requires some coordination, since the information can be cross-referenced by multiple employees. Following these five steps will ensure your club is properly represented in the directory:

1. Claim Your Facility Profile(s)

Over 25,000 facilities exist in the IDEA FitnessConnect directory. Search the directory for your club to claim it. Clubs not listed can be added by clicking the “Get Listed” button (at the bottom of the home page,

2. Get Your Staff on Board

Encourage your professional staff to maintain their own profile pages. Fitness professionals who list your club as a training location in their profiles are automatically cross-referenced under your club’s “Staff” tab. (Note: A fitness professional can add a club in his own profile, but a facility profile cannot add the fitness professional’s without his approval.)

A “Staff Management” tab is available from the “back end” of each facility profile (not seen in public view). This tab provides further information about the staff, such as up-to-date certification verification and the status of any IDEA continuing education credits.

3. Designate a Savvy “Facility Profile” Administrator

A user can claim multiple clubs under one IDEA FitnessConnect account, but multiple users cannot claim the same club. Therefore, designate a person with strong communication skills to manage the profile information; this will make it easier for program directors to view staff certifications, for sales teams to follow up on guest passes and for marketing departments to update the monthly newsletters and maintain the blogs.

4. Cross-Promote Your Club(s) Across the Web

Include the club’s website URL, Twitter™ feed and/or Facebook page on facility profile(s). Embed the “Find Us on IDEA FitnessConnect” badge on any website to increase profile views (click on “Create a Profile Badge” in the Quick Links box under the profile image). Include a link from the club’s website to the “Staff” tab in the facility profile as a quick way to showcase the training team. Enable the free monthly newsletter and gain another opportunity to reach out to current and prospective members.

5. List All Classes and Events

Be sure to list all club programming in the facility profile, as consumers filter searches on IDEA FitnessConnect by classes and events. Including recurring classes, workshops and any special events will maximize your club’s exposure in directory searches.

Listing your facility profile on IDEA FitnessConnect can be part of a bigger marketing agenda. Since profiles on IDEA FitnessConnect also appear on other syndicate websites, such as and, your facility profile may be a prospective member’s first look at your club’s services and staff. Maintaining your profile will ensure that your facility ranks high in consumer searches.