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Physical Activity in Middle Age Reduces Sudden Cardiac Arrest Risk

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Scientists recently analyzed 1,247 sudden cardiac
arrest (SCA) cases to learn more about links between SCA events and sports participation. Study subjects were aged 35–65. Providing a boon to the active set, the researchers reported that only 5% of sudden cardiac arrests occurred during sports activities. Prevalence was higher in men and among those around 51 years of age. SCA survival rates were higher among active individuals than among those whose cardiac arrests were not sport related.

“Sports-associated sudden cardiac arrest in middle age represents a relatively small proportion of the overall sudden cardiac arrest burden, reinforcing the idea of the high-benefit, low-risk nature of sports activity,” explained the authors. “Especially in light of current population aging trends, our findings emphasize that targeted education could maximize both safety and acceptance of sports activity in the older athlete.”

The study data can be found in Circulation (2015; 131, 1384–91).

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