In early March, the PHIT Act—Personal Health Investment Today—was introduced into Congress.

The legislation seeks to have physical activity recognized as a medical expense, thereby offering financial support to sport and exercise participants via health savings accounts and flexible spending accounts. According to a press release from IHRSA (the organization responsible for PHIT), if the legislation passes, the definition of medical expense will expand to include physical activity. Individuals will then be allowed to set aside $1,000 pre-tax, and families $2,000 pre-tax, to spend on fitness and sports activities.

“Many hours were spent in meetings with members of Congress and their staff looking for Congressional leaders who could put partisan differences and other political issues aside to say, ‘We care about the health of this country. We believe being more physically active will move us towards a healthier, economically stronger America, and by making physical activity more affordable, today’s introduction is an important step in that direction,’” said Helen Durkin, IHRSA’s executive vice president of public policy, in a press release.

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