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One Vision, Many Paths

By IDEA Authors | September 14, 2007 |

A sense of “ah” permeated the ballroom at the La Quinta Resort & Club in Palm Springs, California, September 6-9, as the intention for the second annual Inner IDEA Conference was set. Marcia Hayes, director of programming, led the audience in a guided meditation. “Let all your tension go and be here now,” she said. “Release the outer world and focus on the inner world. We invite you to be the person you came here to be.”

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Diary of an IDEA Convention Attendee

By Alexandra Williams, MA | March 31, 2007 |

This year IDEA is thrilled to be celebrating its silver anniversary—its 25th year in existence. As part of the gala 25th celebration, the annual IDEA World Fitness Convention has many special surprises in store! Attendance at the event has grown from the original 600 to over 5,000, making it the world’s largest educational convention for health and fitnes…

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Connection: Feedback from the Field

By IDEA Authors | January 22, 2007 |

In the last issue of Inner IDEA Body-Mind-Spirit Review, we asked “What Pilates move do you find yourself practicing most often in daily life and why? Here’s what you had to say. “I find myself practicing ‘navel to spine’ more often than any other exercise.

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Outwit, Outplay, Outlast?

By IDEA Authors | September 30, 2006 |

Was that TV host Jeff Probst or IDEA Club Without Walls instructor Jeff Kress, PhD, hosting “Survivor: Lake Las Vegas”? Designed to enrich delegates personally and create a super networking opportunity, this mostly fun course was one of a select few daylong precon sessions at the 2006 IDEA World Fitness Convention®. Sixteen participants, from all over North Amer…

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Altering the Course- Permanently.

By IDEA Authors | September 30, 2006 |

The IDEA World Fitness Convention has always been an event that moves fitness professionals to the depths of their hearts and inspires their passion to help others. This year’s gathering (July 25–29 in Las Vegas) fed and revved the estimated 5,000 attendees’ engines with educational rocket fuel and kept that tradition vibrant.
When Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee…

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Catching & Spreading a Serious Vibe

By Sandy Todd Webster | December 31, 2005 |

The vibe of the Big Apple is organic. The sidewalks hum with the whoosh of the subway underfoot; the air is a noisy conversation of rumbles, horns and sirens; and the streets are a feast of lights and odd sights for the eyes to consume, one blink at a time. The vibe hits you in the gut and radiates outward, an aura of energy leaving traces of vitality everywhere—a force that can’…

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Education and Motivation

By Ryan Halvorson | September 30, 2005 |

In true Las Vegas style, the stars came out early for this year’s IDEA Health & Fitness Awards presentations. The magic tricks performed by The Majestix before the keynote addresses on July 7 and 8 raised plenty of goose bumps in the audience. But the magicians’ illusio…

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Super Fantastic!

By IDEA Authors | September 30, 2004 |

Y’all ready for this?Attitude was
everything at
the 2004
IDEA World
Fitness Convention®.
“Repeat after me!”
commanded 2004 IDEA World Fitness Convention
keynote speaker Keith Harrell.
“Gimme the good news!” he led. With spirit, the crowd followed suit.
“When you change your attitude, you change feelings,” he yelled. The volume of the room’s collective answer grew.

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A Step Ahead

By Joy Keller | June 30, 2004 |

It’s 8:30 AM and a group of eager fitness pro- fessionals gathers around Chuck Wolf, MS. Wolf, director of sport science and human performance for the USA Triathlon National Training Center in Clermont, Florida, is discussing how gravity, ground reaction forces, body angles and movement patterns can affect a client’s performance. Three volunteers, all with…

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Global Inspiration

By IDEA Authors | September 30, 2003 |

If you think there is nothing left in this great big world that can light a fire under your cross trainers, you obviously didn’t attend the IDEA World Fitness & Personal Trainer Convention this year in Anaheim. More than 3,000 attendees soaked up 324 progressive sessions in between trips to the water cooler and the…

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The 2003 IDEA World Fitness & Personal Trainer Convention®

By Sandy Todd Webster | September 30, 2003 |

Disney’s California Adventure and the Magic Kingdom may have been just down the street, but the real fun was unfolding in the Anaheim Convention Center for an energized mix of global fitness professionals. With more than 3,000 personal fitness trainers (PFTs) and their health and fitness colleagues from 50 different countries learning, shopping, connecting and…

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Confronting the Obesity Epidemic

By IDEA Authors | April 30, 2003 |

Fitness professionals feel a sense of urgency to take action against the dual health care concerns of obesity and inactivity. That is why IDEA put a serious face on the 2003 IDEA Personal Trainer International Summit’s opening session and called on a panel of experts and all convention delegates to talk frankly about one of…

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A Blizzard of Learning

By Sandy Todd Webster | April 30, 2003 |

What a weekend to remember. Apparently, the 1,300 delegates, exhibitors, presenters, IDEA assistants and staff who attended the 2003 IDEA Personal Trainer International Summit® took its theme of “Putting Fitness First–Elevating the Fitness Priority” literally. Considering the snowy circumstances, the turnout might have lacked luster. Instead, PFTs from 14 countries traveled to Washington, D.C., and…

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