Patti Komara believes that the three keys to success in a fitness business are: “A clean, bright gym with loving, knowledgeable instructors and a safe, progressive curriculum.” She came up with these keys while running her own business, Patti’s All-American, a school offering gymnastics, dance, swimming and a fitness-based educational preschool. She works with a staff of 40 instructors to help children aged 1-18 learn about fitness and to motivate them to move.

Patti wants to see more schools and fitness facilities follow her lead and get children active. “As children become more confident movers, they will go out for sports, play outside after school and become more active on the playground at recess,” she said. When working with children, Patti likes to use a variety of balls, hoops, scarves, balloons and other pieces of equipment that promote play. “There’s not a kid on earth who doesn’t love running and working in a group with a big parachute,” she said.

When Patti is not working she enjoys participating in yoga. She loves the calmness it brings her. However, Patti does reminisce about having the time of her life in the early 1980s with “Aerobic Jamborees.“