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Personal Training

Blueprint of a Startup (Part 2)

In the June issue, I sketched out the first phases of setting up your own personal training business, based on my own experiences. The steps outlined in the June article showed you how to assess…

The Great Abs Debate

The Great Abs DebateIf you’re up to snuff on your anatomy and physiology, you know that the rectus abdominis is a single muscle. However, you may have found yourself caught up in the debate about whether you can train the upper and lower portion in different ways.

Golden Opportunities

Today’s older adults are a frisky and diversified bunch, according to a recent poll conducted by the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association. Here’s a look at the most popular sports and athletic activities (based on participation frequency) among Americans 55 and older, for the year 2002:

Global Inspiration

If you think there is nothing left in this great big world that can light a fire under your cross trainers, you obviously didn’t attend the IDEA World Fitness & Personal Trainer Convention this year…

Test your Calorie IQ

You undoubtedly know that if you consume more calories than you burn, you will gain weight—and if you do the opposite, you will lose weight. But do you know where calories come from and what…

Plateau? Get Unstuck

It’s bound to happen. After months of enjoying strength gains, weight loss and the wonderful feeling of growing more flexible, you suddenly feel stuck. All the exciting changes have come to a halt, and you feel frustrated and discouraged. Your great new exercise habits are in danger of lapsing into good intentions. What’s going on?


Strength Training and Postexercise Metabolism Schuenke, M.D., Mikat, R.P., & McBride, J.M. 2002. Effect of an acute period of resistance exercise on excess postexercise oxygen consumption: Implications for body mass management. European Journal of Applied…

The Best Mentors for Women: Male or Female?

When personal training was a new industry, many trainers did not have mentors because they were the pioneers. Now, times are different. Savvy personal trainers know that good mentors can boost their careers. (See “The Mentoring Pathway” on page 34 of the March 2003 IDEA Personal Trainer.)

Highlights From the 50th Annual Meeting of the ACSM

Walking Intensity and Bone Mineral Density
Fogleman, K.M., Borer, K.T., & Sowers, M.R. 2003. Walking intensity stimulates increases in BMD in post-menopausal women. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, 35 (5, Supplement), Abstract 95.
Menopause is often associated with a loss in bone mineral density (BMD). Although exercise has been shown to increase BMD in postmenopausal women, the exact mechanism is presently unclear, as are the intensity and types of exercise that will elicit this response.

Make the Mind-Body Connection

How many of you took group fitness classes in the 1980s? Do you remember exercises that mimicked the “downward dog” and “plough” poses? During those years, many fitness instructors—specifically those who taught aerobics when it…

Building Socialization Into Choreography

Creative choreography is both an art and a science. It can even act as a catalyst for social connections in older-adult classes. As participants age, developing new friendships can be difficult. People want to connect…

Networking How-Tos

Business professionals are always talking about the importance of networking to grow your business. This marketing tactic is especially critical in the personal training industry. Since this business is a face-to-face, service-oriented one, the most effective marketing initiatives will always be face-to-face encounters.

Exercise a Fountain of Youth for Older Women?

Let your older female clients know that the exercise they are doing with you today may give them many more tomorrows, according to a research report published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, May 14.

Men Missing Out on Fruits and Veggies

Your male clients may have dropped the ball in the fruit and vegetable game. According to a survey conducted for the National Cancer Institute (NCI), only 3 percent know they should eat 9 servings of fruits and vegetables each day.

Mind Your Own Business (Free!)

If you own a PFT business, take advantage of free access to an online classroom of business courses, workshops, information resources, learning tools and counseling assistance through the U.S. Small Business Administration’s E-Business Institute Web site.

Treating and Preventing DOMS

“I can’t believe how sore I am from that workout you gave me the other day,” your new client laments as she warms up for her training session. “I can hardly lift my arms and…

The 2003 IDEA Trendwatch Survey Results: Personal Training

One of the reasons you joined IDEA was to find out what others in the industry are doing. Each year IDEA conducts an annual survey of the most innovative fitness professionals in the United States and Canada to track the latest trends in group exercise and personal training programs.

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