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Personal Training

Get Creative With Circuits

Inactivity is taking its toll on human beings. As fitness professionals, we are keenly aware that society is fascinated with the human body—with losing fat, specifically—and yet, getting people to exercise is still a major…

More Than Luck

The number one question I get from convention participants is “How do I become a presenter?” Oprah Winfrey said it best: “Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity.” Although I was lucky to partner…

Women on Weights

Strength training is finally getting the attention it deserves as a beneficial, safe and effective exercise for women. After years of misinformation, women are learning that strength training not only enhances muscle tone but also…

Teen FAQs

Everywhere you look—online, on TV and in newspapers and magazines—there’s information about health, nutrition and fitness. What is the real deal, and what is fake? What is safe, and what is risky? How do you…

Help! I’m More Than Just a Sub, Problem Solver

Q:It seems I’m always a bridesmaid, never the bride. I am good enough to sub classes when one of my colleagues needs someone, but my supervisor still doesn’t give me my own class. I’m available, trained and ready; however, openings never come my way. Meanwhile, subbing requests come in regularly, so I must be doing something right. What can I do to “move to the altar” and get more classes of my own?

Surf Conditioning

Like the increase in size of incoming sets as a storm swell arrives, the growth of surfing’s popularity has been nothing short of mesmerizing.

A Blizzard of Learning

What a weekend to remember. Apparently, the 1,300 delegates, exhibitors, presenters, IDEA assistants and staff who attended the 2003 IDEA Personal Trainer International Summit® took its theme of “Putting Fitness First–Elevating the Fitness Priority” literally….

Yoga for Athletes

1. Understand How Yoga Benefits Athletes. The postures, breathing and inner focus of yoga can help balance, strengthen and restore overtaxed muscles, joints and ligaments. In addition to elongating tight, fatigued and shortened muscles, yoga helps calm and clear the mind.

Confronting the Obesity Epidemic

Fitness professionals feel a sense of urgency to take action against the dual health care concerns of obesity and inactivity. That is why IDEA put a serious face on the 2003 IDEA Personal Trainer International…

News Flash!

The most obvious benefit of a newsletter is its marketing power: You can gain exposure by using it to promote your training services, advertise special events and sales, lead clients to your Web site and sell products. A carefully crafted newsletter also plays a key role in building solid relationships with clients.

Surviving a Tax Audit

We work hard as personal trainers. Many of us invest a great deal of not only our time but also our hard-earned money in our chosen profession; expenses such as certifications, uniforms, CPR training, continuing education credits, business cards and fitness equipment really add up. The good news is that a significant portion
of the costs of doing business can be itemized as deductions. The bad news is that, because personal training is still a young profession, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) doesn’t always readily understand our deductions.


If there was ever an exercise study that got the attention of physicians and health care decision makers, it was the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP). The aim of this 3-year, multicenter, randomized clinical trial was…

The Remarkable Calorie

Pick up any packaged food, and you will see the number of calories listed on the label. Of course, nonpackaged foods, such as fresh produce, have calories, too; they just don’t carry labels telling you how many. Most people know that the body uses the calories contained in foods for energy and that, if they consume more calories than they expend, they will gain weight. (They also know that, if they do the opposite, they will lose weight.) Nonetheless, what exactly is a calorie, why do foods have calories and how does the body use them?

Overcoming the Fear Factor

Fear of failure stops many people from exercising or trying new activities. According to David E. Conroy, PhD—assistant professor of kinesiology and director of the sport psychology lab at Pennsylvania State University, University Park—they may specifically fear the shame and embarrassment that come with failure. They may be afraid that they won’t fulfill their ideal self-image. The thought of not doing well at exercise may make them anxious that they are not as competent as they believed and lower their self-esteem.

Take Advantage of Seniors’ Interest in Team Sports

In an article in the December 23, 2002, issue of the Los Angeles Times, Martin Miller reported that tens of thousands of Americans over 50 participate in organized team sports. He also stated that, considering that almost 21 million baby boomers are expected to turn 50 over the next 5 years, the number of such leagues may grow considerably.

Reminders Appropriate as Osteoporosis Awareness Month Nears

National Osteoporosis Awareness Month may be next month, but reminders about enhancing bone health are always appropriate. For example, you can remind your clients that the best defense against osteoporosis is to develop strong bones, especially before the age of 30, and that regular exercise has been shown to encourage bone growth throughout life.

The Lowdown on Leptin

Researchers once thought that body fat was as sedentary as the people who accumulated it. Through animal studies, scientists subsequently learned that adipose tissue is quite active in the way our bodies balance energy and…

Slash Your Stress Level

Feeling stressed? Maybe you can’t get to sleep, worry more than before, suffer from shoulder tension or feel overwhelmed? Although the best response to stress may be to juggle fewer activities, you can’t always cut down on what you do. You can, however, trick your stress alarm system into thinking you are doing less. Use these tips from Janet Lapp, PhD, professional speaker, author of Plant Your Feet Firmly in Mid-Air and publisher of The Change Letter, to help alleviate stress.

Exercise Progressions for Seniors

While I loved him dearly, I remember my grandfather as a very pessimistic man. He would regularly tell me that getting old inevitably led to the body breaking down, one thing failing after another, until you finally died. In his view, getting old was unchangeable.

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