Was that TV host Jeff Probst or IDEA Club Without Walls instructor Jeff Kress, PhD, hosting “Survivor: Lake Las Vegas”? Designed to enrich delegates personally and create a super networking opportunity, this mostly fun course was one of a select few daylong precon sessions at the 2006 IDEA World Fitness Convention®. Sixteen participants, from all over North America and from countries as far away as Russia and Kuwait, had signed up for a day crammed with adventure, team-building activities and laughter. And that’s what they got as they joined to master activities such as orienteering with a compass; speeding down a giant water slide without spilling a drop from two full cups of water; and collaborating to build an inner-tube raft for the entire group to float on in Lake Las Vegas.

Participant Heather Simpson counted Survivor as one of her two favorite sessions at IDEA World Fitness, saying that she enjoyed the experience because it provided her with several team-building ideas to try with peers at Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina, where she is wellness supervisor. “I also felt that I could use the ideas when working with children or adults in regard to outdoor classes,” Simpson said. Although there was no million-dollar prize, if the smiles were any indication, all IDEA World Fitness survivors emerged from the day as winners.