Do your clients or members still spend the bulk of their nonexercise time seated? Encourage them to step away from the chair by sharing insights from this most recent study on the increased mortality risk of sitting.

Published in the Archives of Internal Medicine (2012; 172 [6], 494–500), the study involved 222,497 Australian adults, aged 45 and older. Researchers compared data from the 45 and Up Study with mortality data from the New South Wales Registry of Births, Deaths, and Marriages from early 2006 through late 2010. Not surprisingly, parallels emerged between daily sitting time and premature mortality. Individuals logging 11 hours or more had the greatest risk of early death. These data held true regardless of a host of variables.

“The association between sitting and all-cause mortality appeared consistent across the sexes, age groups, body mass index categories, and physical activity levels and across healthy participants compared with participants with preexisting cardiovascular disease or diabetes mellitus,” stated the study authors.