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Nancy Korf

Member Since 2008 | Portland, Oregon

Nancy Korf enjoys working in the fitness industry because she loves what she does and it gives her a chance to spend a lot of time with her kids. “It’s the perfect career for a mother because I can work during hours where my kids are in school and asleep,” she says.

Nancy is a hybrid trainer and believes that being dynamic has been a big part of her success. “In an age where many trainers seem to be specializing, my success comes from my ability to teach multilevel classes,” Nancy said. “I’m blessed to have people from 8 to mid-80s in my class, as well as individuals with special needs.”

Nancy hopes to see more fitness classes that are open to all individuals, including those with disabilities. She has had success with including special needs individuals in her classes and hopes others can as well. “My morning Zumba® class is blessed to have students from our school district’s transition program,” she says.

Nancy’s passion for special needs individuals comes from having a child of her own with Down syndrome. This drives her to push for inclusion in fitness programs and inspires her to volunteer within the disabled community.

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