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My Inner IDEA Conference Experience

Since the closing ceremony of the Inner IDEA Conference 2007, attendees have been sharing their thoughts on the conference and how it positively affected their personal and professional lives. Here are their experiences, in their own words:

“I am grateful. This is how I felt upon arriving at the beautiful La Quinta Resort & Spa, a perfect place for a conference like this. I am starting my career path as a lifestyle fitness coach, and I feel my toolbox has been filled by attending the amazing sessions. It was wonderful to reconnect and fall in love with Nia again after exploring other modalities this past year. The sessions were very informative. I learned valuable skills for interacting with my clients.

“I will be back next year to take classes I couldn’t attend this year. There were so many options! The main lessons I learned this weekend: I have arrived. I am ready to launch Empowering Light and use my personal fitness training certification. However, I will integrate body-mind-spirit principles. The networking was great, and the opportunity to meet so many like-minded people was fantastic.”

– Katherine “Rin” Melvin, owner, Empowering Light, San Diego.

 “Inner IDEA [brought] me back to the person I want to be. It motivated me to live toward my true potential, and in doing so I am able to honor the strengths and abilities of my clients more fully. I learned that there is never one path to health. An integrated approach allows us to build from each others’ strengths and customize our business practices. The experience is priceless, and I will always make it a financial priority to attend.”

– Jennifer Matthews, personal fitness trainer, life coach and Reiki practitioner, Los Angeles

“Simply put, I was moved. In every moment I could feel the good intentions, the care and the thoughtfulness that went into the planning of this event. I also felt humbled and inspired by the presence of those magnificent brown mountains posed against an amazingly crystal blue sky. To me, they mirrored the combined collective wisdom of our group—presenters and participants alike. I left the conference with renewed trust that each one of us can and will make a much needed difference in our world. In fact, I think we already have!”

Dorri Li, co-founder of the Boston Kung Fu Tai Chi Institute.

Visit www.inneridea.com/conference/inner-idea-conference-2008 to re-live highlights from the event and learn how to register for next year’s journey.

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