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Millennials Prefer “Activacations”

According to a recent survey produced by Hotels.com, most millennials prefer to lift weights instead of piña coladas while on vacation. Savvy fitness professionals can leverage this
information when marketing and promoting programs to this demographic.

The survey received responses from more than 8,400 people across 28 countries and determined that exercising on holiday is a priority for 80% of millennials. Sixty-six percent of baby boomer respondents share that sentiment. Many millennials reported that they’re willing to forgo “top-notch” food, relaxation, sightseeing and alcohol in favor of physical activity. They tend to choose hotels based on health- and fitness-related amenities like high-quality gyms, personal trainers and healthy food menus. The data also showed that more than half of the respondents see celebrities and social media influencers as primary inspirations for taking fit vacations.

What types of activities do millennials want to try? Pictured above are some of the survey’s findings.

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