“I believe that fitness is a journey, not a destination,” Michael Siler, managing director of KinetiCore Fitness, says. “I believe that we should all find personal victory in each moment spent living life well, and that exercise and nutrition should not be isolated incidences of an attempt at being healthy, but rather critical elements of a life being well-lived.”

When working with clients, Michael favors long-term solutions over trendy, quick fixes. Michael has made it a personal goal to provide people with the knowledge and resources they need to discern fitness and nutrition facts from fiction. “I intend to network and connect with anyone embarking on or continuing their own wellness journey by engaging in meaningful content distribution and incentivized sharing,” he says.

In addition to his management job, Michael has started exploring crossroads between fitness and other activities. One such venture included helping a group of cross country skiers and their dogs prepare for the physical demands of a skijoring trip. Michael also helps aspiring personal trainers by assessing and giving feedback on mock workouts led by students at his local university.