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Merrithew Connect™: Online Pilates, Fitness and Mind-Body Workouts

Elevate your teaching skills with our expansive catalog of 200+ Pilates, fitness and mind-body workouts.

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Keeping programming fresh, effective and interesting for clients is a common struggle for fitness professionals.

After a year of teaching virtually, you may be feeling like your program design has gone a bit stale. We have three ideas to spark your creativity, so you keep your clients feeling challenged, engaged and energized.

1. Cultivate a Learning Mindset to Achieve Career Success

Having a continuous approach to learning is essential in any profession, but especially fitness. It’s vital to invest in your own learning and professional development to stay up to date with the latest research and fitness best practices.

Merrithew Connect™, our online Pilates, fitness and mind-body workout platform, encapsulates more than 30 years of innovation, research and expertise in the mind-body education and equipment space, providing fitness professionals with fresh programming ideas and practical teaching tips to take back to their clients.

Just as your body adapts and gets used to certain exercises and loads, so too does your mind, which is why you have to regularly stimulate and challenge both your mind and your body in new ways.

“Often it’s a challenge to get creative when we are strapped for time or energy—a little inspiration can kick-start a whole new range of ideas or help instructors reconnect with training styles from different modalities,” says Merrithew™ Lead Instructor Trainer Jennifer Dahl.

“Merrithew Connect offers a broad range of programming options and workouts that aim to address a number of different workout and conditioning styles, all with clear and approachable instruction from top-rated presenters.”

2. Explore New Modalities to Become a Better Instructor

Are you a personal trainer, indoor cycling instructor or group fitness professional? Explore a new modality by taking a STOTT PILATES®ZEN•GA®, Total Barre®Halo® TrainingMerrithew Fascial Movement or CORE™ Athletic Conditioning and Performance Training™ workout and learn how to apply these mindful movement practices in your own sessions.

As a contemporary dancer and former distance runner, Jennifer initially became interested in STOTT PILATES to gain greater insight into post-rehabilitation and injury prevention. But she discovered that this mind-body conditioning system perfectly complemented her competitive sport and professional performing background.

“I had a certain degree of understanding of mindfulness and the mind-body connection, but the STOTT PILATES course deepened my appreciation of how valuable this type of training could be,” she says.

Jennifer’s Halo Training workouts on Merrithew Connect are inspired by her interest in functional training/movement protocols and track and field/athletics training programs, and her sessions demonstrate how effective it can be to combine diverse modalities.

Try Jennifer Dahl’s Halo Training workouts

3. Make the Most of Props and Equipment to Keep Everyone Engaged

Props and equipment are a great way to add challenge, instability, weight and resistance to any workout routine.

Jennifer trains competitive athletes as well as Pilates enthusiasts, so props like the Halo® Trainer Plus with Stability Ball™, Mini Stability Ball™ and Sliding Mobility Disks™ come in handy to progress and regress clients through the repertoire.

If she feels they’ve hit a plateau, a new prop can go a long way to reenergizing them.

With 200+ equipment, prop and mat-based workouts on Merrithew Connect, you’ll learn how to take full advantage of different equipment and props and how to integrate them into your programming with all client types.

A Workout Platform to Empower and Inspire Fitness Professionals

Merrithew Connect is an online Pilates, fitness and mind-body workout platform designed to empower and inspire fitness professionals. Try a new modality; enhance your teaching skills, form and technique; and gain new programming ideas to enrich your clients’ movement journey.

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