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Meet an IDEA Team Member!


A man of many talents and interests, Melphin is something of a contemporary Renaissance guy. It’s not uncommon to find him lost in sketching, drawing or painting; playing hoops with the guys; or immersing himself in complicated data analysis for the IDEA Internet Marketing team—all in the same day.

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Fast Facts

  • In his 2 years at IDEA, Melphin has skillfully managed IDEA’s data and made it useful and accessible.
  • Melphin is a process wonk who doesn’t believe in wasting anyone’s time or energy on communication that isn’t relevant. His department director, Katia Milanova, agrees: “Melphin is very analytical and an avid proponent of delivering relevant content to our members. He believes in reaching fit pros with the right messaging at the right time. Melphin is able to do that because of his passion for data analysis and segmentation.”
  • What he loves most about working at IDEA: People, place and purpose! “I met a fitness pro at IDEA® World who had flown in from Pakistan. Her dream was to popularize fitness among the women in her country. That kind of purpose in life is inspiring!”

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Melphin loves to travel, and he brings a true joy for living into every adventure.

Quick Q&A With Melphin

Q: What gets you pumped/inspires you in life?

A: Being able to positively impact everyone I come in contact with. There are numerous possibilities in life every day.

Q: If you could be any superhero, who would you be?

A: One-Punch Man. He has kind of a plain, antihero approach.

Q: Your hidden or most bizarre talent?

A: Trampolines? If you threw me in a place that had 1,000 trampolines, I’d be fine.

Q: If given the gift of time travel, what would you most like to experience?

A: The ’70s rock ’n’ roll era. It seemed like a simpler time. The music, the lifestyle and the culture.

Q: What is your dream vacation?

A: To be on vacation forever! To live and travel as many places as possible while still working and sustaining.

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