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Sport & Health Clubs, with 26 locations in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC, has started a campaign to fight obesity in and around the nation’s capital. Together with Project Fit America, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to improving cardiovascular health and fitness for children, Sport & Health plans to raise $1 million to install outdoor exercise equipment and establish educational programs at local public schools.

“Our objective is to equip children with the tools they need to live a healthy lifestyle,” said Sport & Health president Mitch Wald. “We believe the fight against obesity can be done by introducing new habits and activities that are as healthy as they are enjoyable. Recreation can be fun, allowing fitness to be its byproduct.”

Public schools interested in applying for grants with Sport & Health can visit www.profitamerica.org.

In an effort to reach out to the public and stem the tide of obesity among youth, Walgreens has introduced “Get Fit With Walgreens.” This curriculum-based program addresses obesity among urban youth. Weekly sessions focus on nutrition, fitness and self-esteem. Educational activity books featuring fun characters provide extra incentives to motivate students.

“We want to raise awareness of the importance of proper nutrition and exercise for our young people and to stimulate ongoing interaction and dialogue within the African American community,” said John Grant, vice president of store operations for Walgreens. “As a company, we have a duty to share in the responsibility for addressing issues such as obesity.”

Joy Keller

Joy Keller is the director of marketing communications & PR at IDEA, and has also served as executive editor of IDEA Fitness Journal, IDEA Fitness Manager, IDEA Pilates Today, and IDEA Fit Business Success. She is also a certified personal trainer, indoor cycling instructor and yoga teacher (RYT 200).

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