Public Transportation Campaign Gets L.A. Moving

If you live in a sprawling city like Los Angeles—and spend most of your time commuting—how do you lose weight, save money and discover areas of your city that you didn’t know existed? Enter Metro Fit, a fitness awareness campaign that encourages L.A. residents to incorporate more exercise into their daily schedules by connecting with public transportation.

A joint venture between the Metro, the American Heart Association and the Ketchum-Downtown YMCA, Metro Fit offers Angelenos options for becoming more physically fit. According to a press release, the campaign suggests “walking to and from transit, utilizing Metro subway steps, discovering local attractions on Metro and on foot and combining bicycling with public transit.”

For more information on this program—and on how many steps you’ll walk from a transit stop to area “neighborhood adventures”—visit

Man Sues Women-Only Health Club

A man in Santa Rosa, California, has sued an all-women fitness center, saying it discriminated against him by refusing to sell him a membership. According to news reports, the state’s Department of Fair Employment and Housing sued in Sonoma County court on Phillip Kottle’s behalf, alleging that Elan Health and Fitness Center, which has facilities in San Anselmo and Petaluma, California, failed to provide “full and equal accommodations” for men.

Online Financial Resource

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