The Maryland Athletic Club & Wellness Center (MAC) in Timonium has big plans for 2012. MAC has set its sights on helping 1,000 people drop weight, get healthy and reduce the current percentage of citizens who are overweight or obese. “As we celebrate our 15-year anniversary, we pause to remember our mission—to create a health club where everyone could come together to get healthy and fit,” said MAC owner Tim Rhode. “Fifteen years later, it saddens us to see the obesity epidemic continuing to escalate—now at an alarming 66% in the state of Maryland. We’re on a mission to reverse this trend.”

To do this, Rhode offers a special $69 annual membership rate when two individuals sign up together. Current members can reduce their yearly rate to $69 if they get someone to join the facility.

“We want to get 1,000 people to make health a priority this coming year,” added Rhode. “This is going to take a lot of work, but this nation is in crisis. Together, as a community, we can all make it happen.”