Marla Brackman became a personal trainer because she wanted to focus on prevention to increase the longevity and happiness of people’s lives. “By working at the forefront, it is my hope to prevent the early onset of many medical conditions such as arthritis, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease,” she says.

Marla focuses on discovering each client’s unique interests and passions so that she can incorporate them into her programs. “By striving to create a fun and effective exercise program that reaches beyond the gym doors into their areas of passion, I can then positively connect how the right exercise increases their ability to do those things.”

Marla is also a group fitness instructor. She teaches a wide variety of classes, but her favorite is Turbo Kick®. “I love the intensity, strength, power, speed and grace of the movements used in this class.”

Marla has found small-group training to be successful and hopes to see more focus on it throughout the industry. “Small-group trainings can provide a progressive exercise program that is based on the participants’ similar fitness levels, interests and goals, while still providing specific and individualized training.”