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Leverage Your Expertise With Suspension Fitness

By incorporating suspension fitness in your overall training programs, you can leverage your expertise and help clients reach their fitness goals.

FiTour Suspension Training

Suspension Fitness has taken over the fitness industry and is practically in every big box gym, boutique fitness studio, private training studio, and now virtual training studio.  As a fitness professional, you can leverage your expertise by incorporating suspension fitness into your overall training programs.  This effective workout method implements a nylon-type strap that uses body weight and gravity as resistance to maximize fitness results.

History of Suspension Fitness

The suspension fitness format was born in 1997 when Navy SEAL Randy Hetrick created the first version of the suspension exercise strap using only a jiu jitsu belt and parachute webbing.  This exercise equipment assisted in keeping him and his team-members fit while on deployment.  He originally called the suspension exercise strap the Travel-X due to its versatility and mobility.  Since then, the name has become TRX Suspension Training® and the system has evolved.  Many other companies have developed similar devices based off the original model.

The Foundation of Suspension Fitness

Why suspension training is dominating the industry

Suspension fitness is a total body workout using gravity as one’s resistance.  Progression from beginner to advance and beyond is as easy as moving the hands or feet.  Suspension bodyweight fitness develops strength, balance, flexibility, and core stability. Even when the focus is on conditioning the arms or legs, suspension fitness constantly challenges the core for a true total-body workout.  A typical suspension system consists of two long, sturdy resistance straps hanging from an anchor point; the straps have loops at the ends that are used as handles and/or foot cradles.  The length of the bands can be adjusted at the anchor point, depending on the user’s height, the position of the anchor point, and the type of exercise.  Resistance is adjusted by altering grip position, strap length, stance, and body angle relative to the anchor point and ground.  Suspension fitness can be incorporated into private one-on-one personal training sessions, semi-private personal training sessions, organized group fitness classes, and now virtual training sessions.

Who Benefits From Suspension Fitness

Because suspension exercise is based on one’s own bodyweight against gravity, anyone and everyone can benefit from this modality of exercise.  Athletes can incorporate the exercises to increase performance.  The fitness enthusiast can perform suspension exercise to reach personal goals.  Suspension exercise can be used to assist an injured person recover. The active aging population also benefits from the low-impact movements that suspension exercise provides.

Expand Your Expertise and Generate Additional Income

Suspension training packages

The first step in leveraging your expertise is to get certified in suspension fitness.  It is important that you back up your training with proper education.  Develop a working knowledge and understanding of the why and how behind the modality of suspension fitness.  Continue your education by staying current within the fitness industry.  The fitness industry is evolving at such a rapid pace that if the professional does not stay current, his clients just may pass him/her by with more up-to-date methods of training.  Your clients are building trust within you and your knowledge of suspension fitness so that they can achieve their desired results.  In addition, create value in your services.  By adding suspension fitness to your repertoire of offerings, you are differentiating yourself from other competitors and creating the value that you want your clients to invest within you.

If you have yet to implement this training technique with your clients, it’s not too late to learn. The FiTOUR® Suspension Fitness Program is designed to educate fitness professionals on how to teach suspension fitness.  For more information, visit https://www.fitour.com/program/primary-suspension.

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