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Less Netflix, More Exercise

If you want to help your clients find more time to exercise, try asking them how much time they spend watching Netflix.

An analysis by the Streaming Observer, a website dedicated to streaming technology information, showed that the average Netflix user watches 71 minutes of Netflix daily. Other data sources show that the average American spends 17.4 minutes a day exercising. In other words, people spend four times as much time watching Netflix as they do being active.

“Don’t let a Netflix binge derail your clients from a resolution to be more active in the new year,” says IDEA member Ken Alan, lecturer in the Department of Kinesiology at California State University, Fullerton. “Have them make a commitment to do 20 minutes of activity for every 60 minutes of TV time or during television time. Suggest exercise that won’t distract others watching with them, like stretching or yoga poses. Resistance exercises can work—off to the side or in back of any company. You don’t have to choose between Netflix and being active. Be entertained and exercised.” View the full report at streamingobserver.com/time-spent-watching-netflix/.

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