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“Why did you select the name of your business?”

I chose Vit-Ad-Infiniti Fitness as the name of my business because I wanted the name to be original and memorable. It stands for Life Without Limits. I want to be fit and healthy, and I think this name indicates that to me and to other people as well.

Anastasiya Mihailova

Vit-Ad-Infiniti Fitness

Edmonton, Alberta

I chose Kathy Lawrence, Personal Trainer as the name of my business because I believe the “brand” I am selling consists of me and my beliefs about fitness. I did contemplate different names for my business. Initially, I really liked Train for Life because I believe that exercise is a lifestyle change, not a 6-month exercise program. I discussed the name with a successful business owner, and he asked me, “What is your brand?” My answer was that my brand was me, Kathy Lawrence.

Kathy Lawrence

Personal Trainer

Hurdle Mills, North Carolina

My previous business name was Assured Fitness Personal Training, but I changed it about 3 or 4 years ago. After being in business for a while as a fitness trainer and performance nutrition specialist, I found people wanted to be healthy, fit and strong; to be living a vibrant, energetic life. They wanted tools and support to embrace these qualities for the long term.

In choosing a new company name, I wanted to communicate an emphasis on nutrition and optimal health—and the relationship between them. I changed the name to Eat to Thrive Health Coaching.

Shaun Golden

Eat to Thrive Health Coaching

Carlsbad, California

Our company name was developed to distinguish what we offered from the bodybuilding training style and diet that most personal trainers featured in 1997. Both of us were registered dietitians and wanted to blend functional fitness with sound nutrition coaching. Thus, the name Nutriformance was born! It has served us well for 18 years.

Dale Huff, CSCS, and Ellie Huff, RD, CSCS

Co-owners of NutriFormance— Fitness, Therapy & Performance and Athletic Republic–St. Louis-

Sports Performance Conditioning

Frontenac, Missouri

My company’s legal name is SMART Way Enterprises. SMART is an acronym for Stability, Mobility, Agility, Repeat, Take control! Of course, I realize no one is looking for that business name late at night when they’re doing online searches for solutions to their fitness challenges.

I brand different services/levels of coaching under my “smart way” umbrella. My first approach is to target the keywords people in my local market will most likely use during their Web searches. For example, I live in Grand Rapids (Michigan), where people typically use the term “personal trainer” when they start their online search, so I came up with the ever-so-creative GrandRapidsPersonalTrainer.com.

Joe Stankowski

SMART Way Enterprises

Grand Rapids, Michigan

When I became a personal trainer in the 1990s, I trained women and taught high-impact aerobics at Gold’s Gym. I started my own personal training business called WORK IT OUT. Eventually, I began to feel burned out from high-impact aerobics, and I started moving into body-weight/muscle-sculpting classes and yoga.

Eight years ago I developed a class called Lean and Serene, and people loved it. It was a combination of core exercises, weight training, yoga and relaxation. When I decided to become a full-time personal trainer, I named my company Lean and Serene Personal Training.

I believe the name says it all. “Lean” encompasses weight training, cycling, cardio and balance exercises, while “Serene” addresses balance, flexibility, stress management and mind-body practices. I believe in incorporating stress management, lifestyle changes, yoga and other mind-body techniques to address the whole person. I wanted the name to go beyond the physical aspects of fitness.

Lynn Keneipp

Lean and Serene Personal Training

Keene, New Hampshire

My business name, 29 Again Custom Fitness, combines what we do (“Custom Fitness,” which sounds much better than “semiprivate,” as “semi” implies “less than”) with a benefit (feel and look younger); it also indicates which demographic our services are for (people over 40) and which they are not for (people under 30). My colleague Joe Stankowski had suggested 21 Again, but that was pushing it for my clientele!

Stephen Holt

29 Again Custom Fitness

Timonium, Maryland

I use my own name as my business name. That way, even as my business and I change and evolve, the name will always make sense. I choose other names for my various programs and services. For example, Ask Andy is my online anatomy program and is named for “Andy” the skeleton in my anatomy workshops; the career guide I wrote has its own unique title; and Power Hour is the name of a circuit training class I developed for small-group training sessions offered during lunchtime.

I like having the flexibility to create new names as my business transitions, but I always keep my personal name on my website, social media pages, etc. Some people change their business name time and again, but it seems to me that it is hard to build a following that way. In the fitness industry, people always remember your name because they use it. It’s a people business.

Beverly Hosford

Fitness Professional and Anatomy Educator

Bozeman, Montana

I chose Get Fit in Five because of the five elements of fitness: cardio, muscular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility and body composition. If you train in all five elements, then you will be and stay fit and healthy.

Linda Schmidt

Get Fit in Five

Sun City West, Arizona

I have been a personal trainer for about 38 years, part of the time at the YMCA. I was asked to be a strength coach for the U.S. Triathlon Team. I was chosen to train 10 of the top pros, two of whom would become Ironman® champions: Paula Newby Fraser and Mark Allen. At that time, as I started to do more personal training outside of the YMCA, I thought about what to name my business. I remember wanting the name to include the term


and also be a name that would appeal to exercise beginners. The name TRI Fitness came to me easily one night and truly encompassed what I wanted to do—teach triathletes, yet be open to others who wished to try (TRI) fitness.

Diane Buchta

TRI Fitness

San Diego

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