As someone who has had her own struggles along her fitness journey and successfully lost 30 pounds, studio owner Kristen Mercier can really empathize with clients. “I find that [clients] often have this preconceived notion that fitness professionals are born thin and buff,” she said. “That certainly wasn’t true in my case.” She uses this as encouragement to help clients set their own goals and have the confidence to reach them.

Kristen is very involved in her community when she is not at her studio. She teaches fitness classes at a domestic violence shelter twice a month, helping the residents find healthy ways to deal with the trauma they have endured. She also enjoys running and participating in races in her area, as a way to inspire and connect. Kristen encourages community members to get active in events by giving them the option to sign up with her team ‘Be Fit With Kristen.’ Kristen has always been passionate about working with people who are sick and assisting them in the recovery process. This drove her to become certified as a Cancer Exercise Specialist. She helps patients and survivors avoid muscle imbalances, prevent onset of lymphedema and maintain a healthy weight.