“I believe that if you are as happy and healthy as possible, the natural fallout is a feeling of flourishing and the quiet confidence that you can handle the world with an authentic ‘I love life’ attitude,” Julie Kaminski, a certified Wellcoach and a personal trainer, says, “If you are flourishing, those around you will experience the positive domino effect.”

Julie also believes that everyone is different. “Answers for one person may not work for another,” she believes. She approaches her clients’ unique situations through a combination of counseling, coaching, training and teaching. She not only addresses her clients’ needs, she also makes sure their home environment supports their goals. Julie loves experiencing light-bulb moments with her clients. She enjoys “when some aspect of their wellness or wellbeing clicks for them and they walk away a little happier or a little healthier, and they maintain their success for the long haul.”

In the future, Julie hopes to offer workshops at local military bases focused on a program she developed called The Flourishing Home. Currently, she volunteers to help homeless families’ transition into homes, and she volunteers, along with her family, for America’s Grow-a-Row, a program for planting, picking, rescuing and delivering fresh produce.