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Janet Weller, RN, CES

Member Since 1983 | Closter, New Jersey

“I have always put the ‘personal’ in training, whether it be group fitness or one-on-one,” says fitness specialist Janet Weller. She believes that this is the reason most of her clients have been with her for more than 30 years. “I have always tried to find the safest, most effective way to give my clients enjoyable training [sessions].” Janet believes that her background as a registered nurse helps her put safety first so her clients feel more secure.

Janet publishes a blog, “Research Based Fitness,” which focuses on common exercise myths and safe and enjoyable ways to achieve fitness. She emphasizes that “exercise need not be painful to be effective.” This is part of her personal mission to help the inactive get active without scaring them off.

In her free time Janet enjoys tennis, skiing, and step aerobics. She also participates in many community events to model a healthy fitness-inspired lifestyle for her clients. She assists her town’s recreation programs as a softball and conditioning coach and is a driver for the local Meals On Wheels association.

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