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Introducing FitFeed

How can you keep up on the latest news and trends in health and fitness? Would you like to find a simple way of sharing this news with your clients—as well as your fellow fitness and wellness professionals? Then you’ll want to check out IDEA’s new FitFeed, at www.ideafit.com/fitfeed.

FitFeed is the only social media hub for fitness pros. By aggregating the most popular content being shared by 250,000 fitness professionals via Facebook, Twitter™ and IDEA ClientShare, it delivers the best news and resources from around the Web in real time.

What types of articles and photos show up on FitFeed? Any items from the Internet that enough fitness professionals are sharing through their social networks. That includes content from big sites like www.FitnessMagazine.com or www.NewYorkTimes.com, articles from small fitness blogs, and anything in between.

Benefits of FitFeed

How will using FitFeed help you with your career and business?

You’ll be able to do all this:

  • Filter out the noise and see the most popular content being shared by fitness professionals.
  • Save time by easily seeing what topics/stories are hot and sharing them without any effort.
  • Be seen as a resource for your client base and followers on social media when you reshare the FitFeed content that resonates with you.
  • Stay on top of your game by seeing what is trending in health and fitness.
  • Share FitFeed content with your own network of people via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus and IDEA ClientShare.
  • See not only how many times a piece of content has been shared, but also who has shared it, the social network it was shared on and what time and day it was shared.
  • Comment back and forth on FitFeed content, and share your opinions about articles.
  • See trending hashtags on Twitter.

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