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Inspiration Works Both Ways

IDEA members share the source of passion behind why they do what they do: clients and participants.

Since introducing the Inspire the World
to Fitness® initiative in 2003,
IDEA members have sent in numerous motivational accounts of how they’ve helped
bring about positive change in others. Whether they trained a former
nonexerciser to run a marathon or modified a class so that a disabled person
could safely participate, the result has been a happier outlook. The following
stories show the range of care involved in being a fitness professional
dedicated to inspiring the world to fitness.

A Life Commitment

“One of my clients, Vicki, is the ‘poster
child’ for weight loss, exercise and healthier eating. I rarely, if ever, have
to lift her spirits or build up her motivation. The first time I met with her I
knew she was going to succeed because she had such a positive attitude. She was
ready to commit to the time and make the sacrifices. In short, she was ready to
get healthy. I feel like I should be paying her, instead of her paying me!

“Her weight loss goal wasn’t purely to look good (although that
came with the package); she wanted to lose weight in order to feel good and be healthy. She
also wanted to be strong. When I asked her why she wanted to lose weight, she
said she ‘wanted to be able to handle the ocean waves when I’m 70.’ Vicki
travels to the ocean often and on her last vacation she took along her elderly
mother, who was nearly knocked over by a wave. It was all Vicki could do to
help her mother out of the water. Vicki’s overall mindset is ‘this isn’t a
one-time thing—it’s a lifestyle I need to follow forever.’ I am so proud of
Vicki, and I love to show her off to the other ladies who work out at the

— Mandi Wong, Kansas City, Missouri

Slow and Steady

“I am a 55-year-old personal trainer and
group fitness instructor. I specialize in the ‘over 40’ crowd who struggle to
stay fit while leading real lives. Most of my clients and participants have
been with me for years. I inspire them by leading a life similar to theirs
(e.g., work, home, children, etc.) while becoming more fit every year. I remind
them that we all must begin somewhere, and it is important to work slowly,
carefully and steadily. It took a lot of years for some of them to get out of
shape and away from good health, so patience and time will bring them back.

“I tell my clients and participants that there are no quick,
overnight miracles, just safe, hard work and dedication. My program espouses
‘all things in moderation’ and no unhealthy tricks. My classes are all interval
training, cardio and weights. If clients want to change their bodies, they must
not be afraid of strength training. My clients and participants serve as my
biggest motivation.”

— Laurie Goldsmith Sperandio, Irvington, New York

Genuine Appreciation

“One of my first clients was a
58-year-old man with Parkinson’s disease who hadn’t exercised in many years.
Symptoms of Parkinson’s include tremors, forward-leaning posture, rigid
inflexibility and poor balance. Harry exhibited all of these symptoms but was
very strong and functional despite his disability. His balance, however, was so
poor that he could not stand on one foot for more than a second, and he was so
inflexible that he could not lift his hand off the floor while lying prone with
his arms extended.

“My plan for Harry is to focus on balance and flexibility while
doing functional exercises to help him strengthen his golf game. Our typical
workout starts with slow static warm-up exercises (for example, standing on one
foot while balancing a ball or a dumbbell). We gradually increase intensity and
sometimes even do athletic strides or lunges. We cool down every session with
Pilates mat exercises and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF)

“We work together two or three times per week, and Harry’s
progress has been inspiring. His balance has improved incredibly, and he
literally stands taller due to a constant emphasis on posture. His flexibility
has improved, and he even reports his golf game has gotten better! The most
inspiring thing about him, however, is his positive demeanor and genuine
appreciation for fitness.”

— Steve Lucas, Lake Zurich, Illinois

Inspiration Three Ways

“I have been in the fitness industry for
25 years and have been so blessed to have incredible clients and students. It
would be hard to pick just one—so here are three!

“Zana is amazing. She has had a hip replacement and is in her
60s. She comes to my indoor cycling and core-conditioning classes and she never
cancels. No matter what her day has been like—even when she just gets back from
vacation—she is always here with a positive, energetic attitude. She really is
my inspiration and the reason I do what I do.

“Karen is a business owner who travels a lot but has never once
canceled or complained. She is the most positive person I know. Through
injuries and stress, she is always here and wants to be challenged.

“Andrea is so focused, determined and positive. She does it all
and is always in the moment. She works full-time and travels often but always
takes time for herself.

“These people are my inspiration! On days when I feel tired or
down, they bring me up, they are there for me and they are the blessings and
gifts in my life.”

— Connie Morrill, Long Beach, California

SIDEBAR: Inspire the World to Fitness®

IDEA’s campaign unites our members
with those of other organizations in a joint
effort to reach out to nonexercisers. Our commitment is to provide you with information and sources so you can act locally.

SIDEBAR: Tell Us What Your Doing

Are your clients obese, disabled or just starting to exercise after years of sedentary living? We want to hear how you are motivating, challenging and retaining clients on a long-term basis. In 200 words or less, detail the specifics of your program and client(s), along with your name and contact information. If your success story is compelling and unique, we may use it in a future issue or on the Inspire the World to Fitness® section of the website.

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Joy Keller is a senior editor of IDEA Fitness Journal.


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Joy Keller

Joy Keller is executive editor of IDEA Fitness Journal and IDEA Fit Business Success, and is also a certified personal trainer, indoor cycling instructor, yoga teacher (RYT 200) and Reiki Master.

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