Are you curious about how the european fitness market is prospering? Here are some insights from The IHRSA European Health Club Report: Size & Scope of the Fitness Industry, which includes data from 32 “health club” markets.

  • Roughly 44 million members visit 48,000 facilities throughout Europe.
  • Revenue is estimated at about €25 billion.
  • With more than 7,500 facilities, Germany is the leader in club count,
    while Norway claims the greatest membership-penetration rate, at
    nearly 16% of the total population.
  • Spain and Italy rank among the top five European markets in market size, club count and memberships, while Portugal and Greece maintain membership-penetration rates well below the average for EU markets observed (6%).
  • Emerging markets in eastern Europe account for roughly €1.1 billion in health club revenue, with 6,900 health clubs and 2.3 million members. Poland and Turkey lead emerging markets in market size, club count and memberships.

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