In honor of Men’s Health Month we have put together IDEA’s top articles related to men’s health. Learn how vigorous exercise can help men protect their hearts, why offering male-only weight loss programs is important and why middle-aged men should be extra wary of their cholesterol levels.

3 Hours Of Exercise Per Week Cuts Men’s Heart Health Risk

According to a study published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise (2011; 43 [10], 1884–90) men who get at least 3 hours of vigorous-intensity exercise per week can reduce myocardial infarction risk by as much as 22%.

Gender-Based Weight Loss Programs Best For Men?

Offering more male-friendly approaches to weight loss could increase participation, research finds.

High Cholesterol Riskier In Middle-Age For Men Than For Women

Middle-aged men with high cholesterol levels are more likely to experience a first-time heart attack than their female counterparts, study finds.

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