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IDEA Opinion Statements

Did you know that as an IDEA member you have access to the IDEA Medical Opinion Statement as well as the IDEA Music Opinion Statement? Both of these position papers can be found on the “Members Only” portal of the IDEA website (www.ideafit.com). To find them, log in with your last name and member number; you will be directed to the “Members Only” home page, where you will find the online articles.

The IDEA Medical Opinion Statement reviews the benefits of a working relationship between medical and allied health practitioners and personal fitness trainers. The IDEA Music Opinion Statement reviews IDEA’s recommendations for music volume in fitness settings. Both are full of valuable information and ready to print and post today!

Tim Haft, sports and athletic coordinator for the 14th Street Y, running coach and personal trainer, believes in explaining to all his clients how becoming fitter will improve their lives in concrete ways—be it on the soccer field or on the job. Tim’s training style emphasizes conditioning for functional fitness rather than isolated movements. “I tell my clients that this is the type of fitness they’ll need to catch a bus, escape from a tiger or dig their car out of a snowbank.” When not teaching clients techniques for evading wild animals, Tim volunteers his time to Inspire the World to Fitness. Last spring he led a walking program for seniors in his community. He also organized and led a number of group runs for a nonprofit organization called Running for Change.

“When I was a childbirth educator 25 years ago, I noticed pregnant women complaining of symptoms such as backaches, swollen ankles and constant fatigue,” Bonnie recalls. It was then that she considered her own interest in movement and dance and developed a fitness education program to ease the aches of childbearing and improve overall fitness. In 1980, Motherwell® was born. Now more than 100 hospitals and fitness centers provide the program to increase fitness and overall well-being for expectant mothers. “At a time when most people were skeptical about recommending exercise to pregnant women, I followed my intuition, created a program and touched the lives of thousands of women and their families,” she says. “Hopefully, I have inspired them to the world of fitness as well.”

“The fitness profession is more than a career; it’s become my life’s mission,” says Regina Grubbs, personal trainer and owner of the wellness studio Fit for Life. After 35 years as a radiology technologist, a position in which she “witnessed the pain and suffering of disease and injury,” Regina became a personal trainer to bring “the power of prevention and fitness” to clients in need. Her clients don’t have to search far for inspiration. “My personal history of neurofibramitosis, pediatric obesity, eight back surgeries, four-level cervical fusion and an osteoarthritic hip is a living testament and encouragement to my clients.” Under Regina’s guidance, clients have helped themselves cope with hypertension, diabetes, osteoporosis and cancer. “Their success inspires others, feeds my passion and fulfills my mission to help people live long, age slowly and be ‘Fit for Life.’” If you would like to be featured in this section or know an IDEA member who stands out in the fitness crowd, e-mail a brief description of your (or your colleague’s) fitness activities and achievements and a high-resolution digital photograph (at least 300 dpi, in focus, well-lit and at least 3˝x 3˝ in its original digital format) to [email protected]. Please include your IDEA member number, if possible. You (or the colleague) must be an IDEA member to be considered for this section.

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