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IDEA Members Create WELLKIDS

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IDEA members Tanya Colucci and Lance Breger are headed back to school. As part of their nonprofit foundation, Infinity Wellness, the inspiration-minded duo has developed an afterschool program for three disadvantaged Washington, DC, schools. “WELLKIDS comprises the five components of wellness: strength, aerobic conditioning, nutrition, flexibility and mind-body,” says Breger. They are testing two different programs: two schools will receive two 1-hour classes per week for 8 weeks; the third school will receive a single 1-hour meeting per week for 15 weeks. During the classes, the kids learn about yoga and other topics, participate in athletic conditioning and more. They also receive a water bottle to help them stay hydrated and are given healthy snacks. Car company Volkswagen has offered funds for data collection to determine the viability of this type of afterschool wellness program. For more information, visit www.infinitywellness.org.

Ryan Halvorson

Ryan Halvorson is an award-winning writer and editor, and IDEA's director of event programming.

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