International Council on Active Aging (ICAA) has determined that Baby Boomers
will continue to reshape the landscape of aging and has released its list of
“eight trends that will define active aging in 2008.” According to ICAA chief
executive officer Colin Milner, “active aging means staying involved in life,
and the Boomers are planning to do that. This age group is ready to take action
to stay healthy and actively engaged with their friends, families and
communities.” Here is the rundown of emerging trends that the ICAA predicts
will help Boomers stay active and healthy as they age:

  • Internet
    technology is keeping Boomers connected to health information, travel options
    and social networking.
  • More
    Boomers are looking into “age-qualified” housing in close proximity to cultural
    sites, entertainment areas and activity centers.
  • Boomers
    are placing significant focus on “intellectual skills and brain health.”
  • Console
    games such as the Nintendo Wii are helping increase activity levels and
    providing opportunities for Boomers to interact with children and
  • Seventy
    percent of working adults aged 40 and above are planning to continue working
    part- or full-time into retirement years (2002; Staying Ahead of the Curve—AARP
    Work and Career Study).
  • Learning
    opportunities are on the rise as boomers take interest in continuing education.
  • Fear
    of disability or disease is keeping older adults interested in staying
    physically fit and healthy, requiring fitness facilities to become more
  • Health
    care is shifting some of its focus from treatment to prevention.

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