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How Do You Manage Your Clients And Leads?

In a recent “Tricks of the Trade” column, IDEA asked some of its members how they manage their clients and leads. Read on for Raleigh, North Carolina, member Karin Singleton’s ideas. How do you manage your clients and leads? Please share your answer in the comment box below.

Working in the fitness industry for almost 20 years means that I have many contacts that are relevant to my business and that I want to cultivate. My intent with all communication is that I want to be the first person my contacts think of when they use the term “personal trainer.” Almost all communication is through electronic channels by “push” (I send an email or newsletter) or “pull” (someone visits my website or my IDEA FitnessConnect profile page). I strive to make every interaction positive, informative and engaging.

I separate contacts into “Clients” and “Potential Clients” categories, which I manage in four ways:

IDEA FitnessConnect. All clients and business-related contacts receive the monthly newsletter. I read the articles and comment on them for specific relevance. I use the IDEA FitFeed articles more selectively, rarely sending them to the entire list. When I do email an article, I usually preface it with a reference to a conversation I had with the recipient.

Internet Email Management. The contacts in this server are almost identical to the ones in IDEA FitnessConnect, but the service allows me to generate the content and to slice and dice the contacts into groups of my choosing. I use this for business-specific emails and newsletters, and I send different ones to subsections of the entire list.

I try to limit this form of communication to no more than three times per month, to avoid inundating clients with constant emails. As a result, I have very few “unsubscribers.”

Good old email. I use this only for clients and only for communications that are necessary in the course of doing business.

Snail mail. Yes, I still send actual greeting cards through the mail. The main occasions are birthdays; I select a pretty card and use my own words to wish clients a happy birthday. I send a birthday card to everyone who is or ever has been my client, as long as I have a physical address.

Karin Singleton

Personal Trainer and Advanced MELT Instructor, Fitness Personified Ltd.

Raleigh, North Carolina

To view the full article which ran in the June 2014 issue of the IDEA Fitness Journal click here.

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