According to the 2011 10Q Report: Advancing Women’s Heart Health Through Improved Research, Diagnosis and Treatment, heart disease causes an estimated 8.6 million deaths among American women annually and is the leading cause of death for women in the United States. Nearly 50% of women are expected to die from heart disease or stroke. “Despite the fact that more women than men die each year of heart disease, and that there are known sex differences in symptoms and treatment, medical treatment of women has not changed substantially nor has it resulted in appropriate research into the distinct sex differences that exist in cardiovascular disease,” the report’s authors observed.

Heart disease and stroke are often considered preventable diseases. As a fitness professional, you are in a position to reduce these numbers through quality health and fitness programs. But in order to succeed, you need to attract women to your business. Courtesy of Carrie Myers, owner of CarrieMichele Fitness, here are some helpful tips on how to do just that:

  • Use Appropriate Terminology. Use marketing terms that women can relate to—such as slender or trim. Phrases like pump iron and get big will not resonate with them.
  • Go Group. Offer group fitness classes—women tend to gravitate toward them.
  • Wear Professional Attire. Overweight, out-of-shape women will not be able to relate to an in-shape person wearing revealing clothing. Wear appropriate attire. There’s a difference between being a good role model by being in shape and intimidating clients by “showing it all off.”
  • Understand Wants and Needs. Promote beneficial effects of exercise, such as youthful appearance, reduced risk of heart disease and osteoporosis or decreased menopause symptoms.
  • Ladies Only. If possible, set aside an area of the facility specifically for women. New female members can feel daunted around regular gym-goers. A designated area can improve comfort levels and encourage return visits.NewS