Members at 12th Street Gym in Phila­delphia can play their favorite (or not so favorite) childhood game whenever they want with Drop-In Dodgeball. The class is held on the facility’s basketball court and closely resembles the recess game where participants try to avoid a thrown ball by dodging, ducking, dipping and diving.

Fitness 4000 in Wallingford, Con­necticut, offers Forrest Yoga to participants who want to get connected to their cores and become “strong and centered.” The class concept was created by yoga instructor Ana Forrest to “specifically address current-day stresses and challenges, both physical and emotional.” According to the Forrest Yoga website, the pillars of this style include breath, strength, integrity and spirit.

The University of Florida at Gainesville, department of recreational sports, utilizes all of its resources with Stadium Stompers. The outdoor class is held in the football stadium, where participants improve their endurance and strength on stairs, ramps and straightaways.

The Breakfast Club is a senior fitness class on the schedule at 1-2-1 Fitness in Cleveland. The class features “all the components of fitness for the aging adult,” followed by a unique opportunity to eat breakfast and socialize at the fac­ility’s café.

Participants can relax and “experience the joy of moving” in Freelance Dance offered by Rocky Mountain Fitness & Recreation in Eagle, Idaho. The online schedule describes the class as “expressive movement, combining elements of dance, martial arts and yoga, designed to invigorate mind, body and spirit with powerful, free-flow movement.”

If members are a little wary about doing a “real” triathlon, they can simulate one and try the experience on for size in Las Vegas Athletic Club’s Triathlon Class, which combines lap swimming, stationary cycling and running.

Boston Sports Clubs gives its members a chance to try a little bit of everything with its Studio Sampler. This 55-minute class, according to the facility’s website, “features 8-minute sessions for five different group exercise class styles. Participants learn the basic elements needed for each class type, while also getting an invigorating cardio and strength training workout.”

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