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Gray Institute Launches Nonprofit

To help address some of the problems facing youth today—physical inactivity, diabetes and obesity, among them—the Gray Institute has launched the not-for-profit Free2Play.

Utilizing the institute’s Applied Functional Science™, Free2Play aims to improve “movement literacy” and athleticism through “progressive” lesson plans available via online learning with on-demand access. Free2Play doesn’t replace health and fitness programs or curriculum.

“In my experience, we have witnessed an uphill battle for our kids’ physical and mental well-being [that has been] fought at even the most basic levels,” asserted Gary Gray, PT, FAFS, founder and CEO of the Gray Institute. “The focus has been on how many sit-ups and pull-ups a child can do in a minute rather than on creating a physical framework that provides children and their teachers with the tools they need to become more physically fit based on their abilities and desires, and then using that structure and energy to look beyond themselves and contribute back to their communities. Free2Play is changing all of that.”

To learn more about Free2Play, visit www.f2pacademy.com.

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