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Get an Edge on Training at the 2015 IDEA Personal Trainer Institute™

Are you just starting a training business? Do you want to expand your training team or your programming? Would you like to build a stronger reputation for delivering extraordinary results? Is it time to develop a new market specialty area and multiply your earning potential? Whatever your next training move is, you’ll find the edge you need at the 2015 IDEA Personal Trainer Institute.

This fitness event is the world’s most powerful educational experience exclusively for personal trainers and fitness managers and owners; it has the largest, most diverse program delivered by the top names in the industry. All you have to do to jump on the opportunity is choose your coast (East: February 25–27, Alexandria, Virginia; West: April 16–19, Seattle) and sign up soon because the (East) fitness event sells out every year.

Presenters Share Their Top Secrets

We asked several leading presenters what they expect participants to gain from this year’s fitness conference.

Scott Rawcliffe, presenter and owner of Revera Health, said, “There’s no way I’m flying all the way over from Australia without bringing my ‘A game’!” Rawcliffe is enthusiastic about sharing new exercises on core and glute training and changing trainers’ thinking about the lucrative Baby Boomer market. He will also talk at the conference about one of his favorite topics: generating clients from Facebook and other social media channels. He says the bottom line is motivating trainers to help transform their clients. “If you don’t leave realizing that you are one of the leaders who’s going to help beat this obesity epidemic and who’s feeling inspired and ready to change more lives, then I didn’t do my job.”

One of the leading names in fitness nutrition, John Berardi, PhD, cofounder of Precision Nutrition Inc., would like to see trainers take a new look at how nutrition fits into the training picture. “Fitness pros never like to hear this, but I find myself compelled to say it. Exercise alone is one of the most disappointing body transformation interventions. It just doesn’t
work all that well when it comes to fat loss, lean gain and overall health improvement. On the other hand, exercise plus nutrition changes the game. Add nutrition, and clients’ lives are changed. Even more, add nutrition coaching and you get a new lease on your career.”

Berardi will present sessions on choosing the “best” diet among today’s top trends—which include Paleo eating, vegan living and intermittent fasting—and will give tips on how to fix a “broken diet.” As the cofounder of one of the industry’s largest companies, Berardi will reveal business success secrets as well. “I’m going to talk about how you can take your passion for fitness—like I did—and transform it into a real career where you’re paid very well to do what you absolutely love.”

Trina Gray, owner and director of Bay Athletic Club, will share business-building secrets that keep your life in balance. “Anyone can be successful in business through sheer brute force, but there is a better way that doesn’t end in burnout. I want to pull back the curtains and show trainers step by step how I have built a multimillion-dollar online fitness business, health club and personal training studio. Success is not about how long or hard you work. Success is about your systems, your team, your personal development, your daily habits and your work ethic. I plan to help trainers see true breakthroughs in both their businesses and their lives.”

By sharing easy self-promotion strategies to help trainers get booked solid, Shannon Fable, owner of Sunshine Fitness Resources, Balletone® and GroupEx PRO®, and corporate director of exercise programming for Anytime Fitness®, plans to help attendees build better teams and “fall in love” with sales and marketing. “I love that IDEA Personal Trainer Institute offers so much to help trainers work on their business, not just in it,” she says. “Business sessions help trainers get in front of the right audience. Most of us get excited about the fitness side of things, but not so much when it comes to the sales and marketing that allow us to provide the service.”

Conference Highlights

The IDEA Personal Trainer Institute is a sizzling, high-adrenaline experience that energizes trainers to make exciting leaps forward when they go back home. Attendees are introduced to the newest programs and equipment and the latest research in fitness and nutrition. It’s an action-packed opportunity for trainers to have fun and connect with an elite training community. Above all, the fitness conference is highly rated year after year for its strong return on investment: Participants learn how to stay ahead of trends; get better, faster results with clients; advance their skillsets; make more money; and become inspiring leaders.

The fitness event includes these highlights to optimize your return on investment:

Over 100 sessions, with up to 11 in every time block. Sessions include in-depth hands-on workshops, groundbreaking lectures, and workouts. Sessions are selected and designed to help personal trainers, fitness professionals, owners and managers position themselves on the leading edge in the fast-paced personal training field.

The most-respected experts in personal training. Presenters will include 45 of the most knowledgeable leaders in the industry.

The chance to earn up to 28 CECs in one convenient weekend.
Small-sized sessions offering personalized attention.
With sessions lasting 2–3 hours, you will have plenty of time to fully learn new strategies you can use immediately when you get home.

Three pre- and post-conference workshops to boost your brand and market value. Come early or stay an extra day to expand your career with intensive advanced training.

Networking Happy Hour. Need we say more? Enjoy yourself as you trade stories and ideas with the world’s leading trainers.

The top trends and equipment at The Sponsor Marketplace. Take advantage of special discounted prices.

Hot Topics on the Program

The biggest opportunities in personal training are all covered on the extensive education curriculum that is geared to help trainers gain more skills, clients and profits.

Some of the sessions you’ll find on this year’s fitness conference program:

Program Design to Increase Your Business

  • Small-Group Training—What’s Next?
  • BOSU®: Plyo Power
  • NASM®: Prep and Recovery—New Ideas in Programming Success
  • Gluteus to the Max—Ultimate Glute Training
  • TRX® Training for Body Transformation
  • Recovery Based Strategies in Program Design
  • 5-Minute Body Weight Super-Circuits
  • The A to Z of HIIT
  • How to Safely Introduce Plyometrics Into Your Clients’ Routines

Food Facts to Help Your Clients Meet Their Goals

  • Nutrition: Beyond the Calorie
  • Cooking and Eating for Heart Health
  • Paleo, Vegan, Intermittent Fasting . . . What’s the Best Diet?
  • Eating for Longevity—A Seasonal Approach
  • How to Fix a Broken Diet: 3 Ways to Get Your Eating on Track
  • NASM®: Mindless to Mindful—Simple Solutions to Improve Dietary Behaviors
  • Nutrition in the News—The Truth Behind the Media Headlines

Exercise Research and Metabolism to Maximize Results

  • The 10 Pillars to Burn Calories and Boost Fat Metabolism
  • The Physiology of Heart Rate Variability and Overtraining
  • The New Order for Maximizing Muscle Strength and Hypertrophy
  • Metabolic Training—Do We Really Need Cardio?
  • NASM: Brain Fitness—Building Mental Muscle
  • The Holy Grail of Fat Loss—Gain Muscle AND Lose Fat Simultaneously

Advanced Training Science to Expand Your Skill Level

  • A Deeper Look at Stretching—Assessing Its Impact on Muscle Function
  • Balanced Body®: Essential Exercises for the Lower Back
  • Breaking the Pain Cycle
  • Herniated Discs and Back Pain—How You Can Help
  • Reconditioning Dysfunctional Movement
  • Simple Solutions for Shoulder and Pelvic Instability and Pain
  • Understand and Alleviate Plantar Fasciitis
  • What You Don’t Know About Fascia Is Hurting Your Clients

Secrets to Building Business and Revenue

  • 17 Social Media Tips for Your Fitness Career
  • Seven Myths That Limit Your Income
  • Build a Stronger Business in 12 Months—Work Smarter, Not Harder!
  • Finding Hidden Revenue $$$ in Every Market
  • Fitness Writing: Blogs, Websites and Magazines
  • Sell to Survive, and Thrive!
  • Strategic Self-Promotion
  • Managing a Personal Training Team in the New Era
  • The Complete Fitness Professional—Use Your Passion for Fitness to Create a Successful Career

How to Successfully Reach Out to Multiple Markets

  • Functional Circuits for Aging Clients
  • NASM®: Complete Exercise Program Design for Older Adults
  • Hot Training Programs for Outdoor Enthusiasts
  • Understanding Your Pre/Postnatal Clients
  • Training the Cancer Survivor
  • Reshaping Youth Fitness
  • Help Your Senior Clients—Common Conditions and Corrective Strategies Defined
  • Training the Baby Boomer
  • TRX®: Training for Active Seniors

For a full list of sessions, visit www.ideafit.com/fitness-conferences/idea-personal-trainer-institute-east or www.ideafit.com/fitness-conferences/idea-personal-trainer-institute-west.

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