The term social media typically refers to popular online tools like Facebook and Twitter™. However, social media broadly includes any form of media used to communicate and interact with an audience. When fitness professionals leverage social media tools to engage clients, colleagues and fitness enthusiasts, the resulting increase in the pros’ online presence can further their career opportunities. This is why IDEA FitnessConnect offers a range of social media tools to assist fitness professionals in generating new business.

The tips below will help you coordinate your social media efforts so you can successfully increase and develop potential business L.E.A.D.S.:

Link All Social Media Accounts

You can syndicate your marketing efforts by linking your social media accounts to your IDEA FitnessConnect profile. Next time you “tweet” on Twitter™ or write a new blog post, the information will automatically feed onto your profile page. This is the simplest way of keeping your profile dynamic.

Educate Via “Client Share”

The “Client Share” button allows you to share IDEA content with your clients and leads. The button is located under “Quick Links” on the left-hand side of your IDEA FitnessConnect profile page, as well as next to all open content on the IDEA website. The “Client Share” feature syncs with a “Clients & Leads” list, allowing you to choose your recipients and personalize an accompanying message. This button makes it easy for any fitness professional with an IDEA FitnessConnect profile to send supplemental education to clients and to follow up on health and fitness discussions (e.g., “Attached is the article on fat-burning myths”).

Answer Questions

A great way to build a positive reputation is through IDEA Answers—a new online social platform where fitness enthusiasts and professionals post questions directly to the IDEA community. Topics range from management and weight loss to personal training and sales. Each question you answer links back to your profile (under the “Answers” tab), so clients and employers see how active you are in the platform. You might subscribe to a topic or follow a specific question to stay on top of trending discussions. Participating in IDEA Answers may not lead directly to new business, but your contributions increase your professional authority within the fitness community (which may effectively open more doors).

Develop a Strategy

Regardless of the number of Facebook or Twitter updates you generate, blog posts you write, articles you share and answers you provide, your social media efforts must have a strategy. Are you answering questions that highlight your strengths in a topic? Are you sharing articles with colleagues who will benefit from and enhance your own professional network? Are you engaging prospective clients who fall within your scope of practice and training proximity? Although the Internet allows your messages to reach worldwide audiences, there is efficiency in targeting your efforts to colleagues and clients with whom you specifically want to network or train.

Schedule an Appointment

After you have taken the time to correspond and engage with a prospective colleague, business partner or client through various social media channels, the next step is to move your conversations beyond the screen. Whether you arrange a phone call, a lunch meeting at the next fitness conference or a meet-up at your gym, furthering your professional relationships by creating memorable offline connections is key.