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Fostering Growth and Learning at Inner IDEA®

Inner IDEA is a special conference where there is calm, peaceful coexistence in the midst of vast knowledge exchange. All of the presenters were wonderful. All of the attendees were so appreciative. All of the assistants were fantastic. Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to share my knowledge, gain new knowledge, meet beautiful, loving people and walk away with a beautiful feeling.

Norma Shechtman, MEd, MA
2003 ACE Group Fitness Instructor
of the Year
Irvine, California

It was an honor to be part of the Inner IDEA faculty. It was one of my very favorite conventions ever! Kudos for doing incredible work to keep the fitness industry growing and thriving!

Terry Eckmann, PhD
Minot, North Dakota

Thank you for another wonderful year. Inner IDEA has become the mark on my calendar by which I reset my inner goals and re-establish my commitment to help my students foster their own personal growth. From the moment the opening ceremony gong chimes, I am transported beyond the ordinary and into an extraordinary place of inward reflection, joy and peace. Thank you for making the commitment to lead the way in mind-body-spirit education, and thank you to the entire staff that sets the magical tone of this event.

Zoey Trap, MSc
Avon, Connecticut

Honoring Our Military

Thank you for the great article “Healing Wounded Warriors,” by Shirley Archer, JD, MA, in IDEA Fitness Journal [October 2010]. I am a yoga teacher and have deep respect for our military and their sacrifices. My brother was a Marine, and his son and I are running the Marine Corps 10K in his honor and raising money for the Knights of Heroes. Locally, I’ve been running yoga boot camp classes to raise money for my charity, and I am selling “Run like a Warrior” shirts that I had printed up (donated by Under Armour®).

I appreciate the article; after I’m done with this race and charity event, I will look into volunteering for Wounded Warriors as well. Our charity focuses on the children of the fallen—there are so many important causes to which [we can] offer our time, talent and compassion. Thanks again. I am going to share the article with the board at Knights of Heroes when I see them all at the Marine Corps marathon in Washington, DC.

Karen Dubs
Owner, Flexible Warrior
Baltimore, Maryland

Thank you for writing about such an important topic. The author’s mention of Yoga For Vets was much appreciated. Since you gave me the opportunity to address my “like-minded colleagues,” I will use this letter to float an idea to everyone. First, for those who don’t know me, I want to briefly mention that I am a yoga teacher, studio owner and director of Yoga For Vets. I know most of you only through e-mails and phone calls, but I always feel immediately connected when we speak and in awe of the accomplishments some of you have made in working with veterans. With that said, I really think it is time for a meeting, or summit, or yoga party. We will discuss everything we know (or don’t know) about teaching yoga to veterans. Maybe this can happen at an existing annual yoga conference, or maybe we want to create a committee and plan for a “First Annual Yoga and War Veterans Conference.”

Again, I am just floating an idea to see if this seems interesting to anyone. Please reply if you want to discuss this further. I am honored to know such good and talented people who are helping our war vets.

Paul Zipes E-RYT
Executive Director, Yoga For Vets,
Panama City, Florida

Qigong’s Broadening Powers

I just read the “Question of the Month” in IDEA Fitness Journal [Mind-Body-Spirit News, September 2010] about mind-body movement practices. My boyfriend and I have recently established a martial arts school, but we promote qigong just as much as we promote martial arts and self-defense. We find people are very responsive to qigong and willing to try it. They seem to be seeking something more than Western medicine, wanting to get to the true source of their imbalance or disease. Even our students who come wanting only martial arts classes all end up eager to learn qigong as well, as they realize it can help them increase their energy and health and make them stronger people overall.

Holly Prescott
Assistant Instructor, Banyan Tree
Martial Arts & Qigong
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

3 Reasons to Be on IDEA FitnessConnect

I am over-the-moon excited about IDEA FitnessConnect and how it will simplify our business. My head is spinning with ideas on how to utilize the tool for Stroller Strides® and for my professional resumé. Fitness managers should be jumping up and down with joy at the resources [available] to manage their teams and promote their clubs. Fitness professionals must be ecstatic with the search and marketing options FitnessConnect brings. I couldn’t be happier with IDEA’s tool for industry professionals, and I look forward to weaving it through our business as it applies.

Amy Boone Thompson
Chief Operating Officer, Stroller Strides
San Marcos, California

I love what IDEA is doing with FitnessConnect. I have used its capabilities to send newsletters [to clients] and invitations to events. In a rapidly morphing world, it helps to have the support of a caring [professional] association that has integrity.

Danielle Vindez
Redondo Beach, California

I love IDEA FitnessConnect. I think this is going to be amazing for all in our industry. I am filled with ideas. I would love to see clubs, studios and gyms rated. Just like restaurants, fitness facilities should meet the standards of and be rated on a list of criteria.

I love IDEA and everything it stands for. I have been a member for what seems longer than time. I will continue to work, to train, to learn and to stay involved. Keep up the good work, and thank you for bringing another wonderful program to keep those who maintain credentials moving forward.

Kathy Kaehler
Kathy Kaehler Fitness
Los Angeles, California

Snaps and Claps for IDEA Content!

I’m not one for writing letters, but I have to say IDEA has outdone [itself] with IDEA Fitness Journal. I have been a member since the 1980s, right after IDEA started. I began teaching aerobics in 1981 and haven’t stopped. I just had my 50th birthday in July and am still going strong. I became gold certified in group exercise (1986) and then certified as a personal trainer (1991). So I have received the various publications over the years, which have been great and very informative. But IDEA Fitness Journal is stellar! I look forward to it each month, and I thank you for the great info. Keep up the awesome work. Love you all!

Lisa Hykes
Fitness Coordinator, Personal Trainer,
Group Exercise Instructor, Sound
Fitness & Golf
New Bern, North Carolina

Fitness has always been my love, even before I decided to make it my career. Because of www.ideafit.com, I wake up every day excited to work. I am always looking to find new things to share with my clients to keep them motivated, and IDEA puts everything at my fingertips. When I need answers about my business or encouragement from other professionals, I turn to IDEA, and help is there. IDEA has so much information to keep me informed about the latest in this business that I have become a better personal trainer and fitness freelance writer because of it. Thank you for such a wonderful product. I look forward to growing my brand with you. Snaps, snaps and claps, claps.

Kimberly Fleming
Owner, Keep It Moving Fitness
Atlanta, Georgia

Just a wee greeting from Denmark. Thanks a lot for Fred Hoffman’s latest article, “Functional Fitness Refresher,” in IDEA Fitness Manager e-newsletter [October 2010]. It was super. The author’s message is exactly what I am trying to get across to the leaders of Danish fitness centers. Now I have this article as an extra argument: “An expert, famous international presenter says so!”

Marina Aagaard
Master of Fitness and Exercise and
Associate Professor of Sports,
Aalborg University
Aarhus, Denmark

Beware of Exertional Rhabdomyolysis in Eccentric Training

I appreciated the article “Eccentric Exercise” by Aaron Bubbico and Len Kravitz, PhD, in IDEA Fitness Journal [October 2010] and would like to mention a topic that was not addressed in the article. Exertional rhabdomyolysis is the destruction of muscle cells from an exercise stress that overwhelms the body’s ability to adapt. Eccentric exercise is one such stress that may invoke the development of this condition. I am personally aware of five cases of rhabdomyolysis, two of which occurred in people who accidently did it to themselves from working out too much. Some case reports have also identified an overzealous personal trainer as a culprit in creating this condition. Given the popularity of high-intensity, boot camp–type workouts that are so prevalent in health clubs today, I feel all fitness professionals should be aware of [rhabdomyolysis]. I teach personal training, and I can tell you that 99% of the people I encounter have never heard of this condition. Symptoms of rhabdomyolysis can include heart attack, kidney failure, intense muscle pain and muscle weakness. The appearance of Coca-Cola–colored urine is also a sign. I write these words in the hope that fitness trainers will use caution when performing eccentric exercises with clients, especially those who are novice exercisers.

Joe Cannon, MS, CSCS
Glenolden, Pennsylvania

The Authors Respond: We wholeheartedly appreciate the sincere and thoughtful comments from Mr. Cannon. As exercise professionals, we must always be aware of any health conditions that could increase the risk of injury or harm to our clients.

Currently, high-intensity exercise programs are exceedingly popular in the fitness industry, yet these programs are not for every exercise enthusiast. Well-educated exercise professionals realize that individualized exercise design, based on a person’s fitness level, health and goals, is always the proper direction to follow.

Len Kravitz, PhD, and Aaron Bubbico

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