Mike Bee, fitness specialist at the Golden Door Spa in Escondido, California, tells this home training story. “About 12 years ago a regular in my group exercise class asked if I would train her in her home. No problem; cardio, weights, flexibility—piece of cake. On this first session we really went for it, and ended with a bit of stretching from my Rhythmic Stretch routine in her living room. The music I use for stretch has always been very relaxing, and being [that it was] 4:00 in the afternoon, I guess it wasn’t that surprising that both of us dozed off, side by side, with movie scores softly playing in the background. It wasn’t much later that her husband arrived home from work, apparently unaware that his wife had taken on a personal trainer.”

Handling the Situation. Whoops! What did they do? “It was easily cleared up within minutes, but if we had a film of the incident and the respective looks on our faces when we were awakened by the curious husband, it would have been a MasterCard ‘priceless’ moment,” says Bee. “These days I like to keep my clients to the morning hours, do assisted stretching without music and always have them inform their husbands about the new trainer.”

Communications expert Holland suggests saving face in such a situation by pointing out that the service you are providing does work. You can acknowledge that falling asleep on the job may not have been the best thing to do, but it shows that the relaxation segment is effective!

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