Fitness professionals who create and/or star in exercise DVDs, beware: piracy may be hampering your sales. Beachbody, creators of DVD-based P90X and other fitness programs, is one company that claims to be hit hard by piracy. “The pirates, preying on the universal consumer desire to find a bargain, cost Beachbody’s coaches and the company itself millions of dollars, both because of lost sales as well as the millions that must be spent to constantly battle the counterfoil problem,” explains Beachbody senior vice president and general counsel Jonathan Gelfand. Consumers who purchase pirated DVDs are also at risk and may fall victim to identity theft, computer viruses, credit card fraud and more.

To reduce the dangers associated with piracy, Beachbody suggests increasing consumer awareness: “Most consumers are completely uninformed, dismissing piracy and bootleg products as inconsequential and harmless. These same consumers would likely change their tune if made aware of the significant threat these counterfeit products pose, not only to their lives, but also to national security.”