Many people use the New Year to assess the past and develop plans for the future. For business owners, January is a good month to set goals that lead to improved success, revenue and freedom. Here are some examples of what your fellow fitness professionals plan to achieve in 2012, courtesy of the online forum IDEA Answers (

Joanne Duncan-Carnesciali: “I am resolved to delegate more to prepared fitness professionals and to spend more time becoming a more effective lecturer/teacher. (I am trying to preserve my Baby Boomer body.) I hold ACE courses at my studio, which puts me in a position to work less and spend more time with my family; this also serves as another revenue stream. I will begin working on having a 100%-complete business profile on this portal. I am all for working more intelligently.”

Kristal Bradshaw: “My personal training resolutions for 2012 are to build up to having at least three consistent clients; to get my needed CECs; and to establish a name for myself as a quality in-home personal trainer. I would love to think I could make personal training my career and would no longer have to work a second job to pay my bills, but I don’t see that fully happening in 2012.”

Stephen Landrum: “My business resolutions for 2012 are to finish my website; to sponsor/participate in at least six events; to open at a new location (I actually need more space!); and to network with more independent trainers across the nation. I would love to have more time with friends and family, but it doesn’t look like this upcoming year will bring much of a change in that department. Good thing I love this job.”

What business resolutions do you have for the New Year? Send them to [email protected]