In a previous issue of Inner IDEA Body-Mind-Spirit Review, we asked: What kind of sustainable/green design elements have you included in your practice or studio? Here’s what you had to say.

“At Synergy Health & Fitness, not only do we focus on integrative exercise and conscious lifestyle coaching, but we have included sustainable elements in our studio, including a variety of natural plants and natural fibers in design, recycling of all paper and plastic products and opting for cleaning products that are non-toxic and biodegradable.

“I attended Inner Idea 2006 last year and continue to promote some of the concepts derived from the conference both in my client program design as well as my studio design and company philosophy.”

— Jason Bosley-Smith, White Marsh, Maryland

“People in Vermont are very committed to environmentally friendly practices and yet end up having to drive long distances to go to work, the store, and even yoga classes. Rather than driving to Burlington (our largest city), our studio provides another alternative for those who live in the town and surrounding communities. Here are some of the ‘green’ ideas that we have implemented:

  • We installed bamboo flooring (purchased from a reputable online company).
  • We use No-VOC paint on the walls (widely available now – even from major retailers).
  • We give a 10% discount to those who bike, walk or carpool.
  • We offer a lending library of yoga books and magazines (saves trees).
  • We use natural lighting through large windows and, if needed, compact fluorescent bulbs.”

— Julie C. Nelson, Cool Moon Yoga, Westford, Vermont

“The ‘green’ element for my studio is also throughout our entire house. We use bamboo flooring, not conventional hardwood. Bamboo renews itself faster. We have a geothermal air conditioning and heating system, which utilizes the 55 degree ground temperature to cool in the summer and forced water friction to heat in the winter. The system also generates hot water from the air conditioning system in the summer. The system cuts down on the usage of electricity tremendously. We also installed spray-on cellulose insulation, which is made from recycled newspaper. The toilet at the studio is a duo flush unit. We use florescent bulbs wherever possible. I also place my compost bin in a rather visible place, so that anyone who doesn’t know what composting is will ask and I get to share the wonderful information with them.”

— Rachel Cothron, Nashville, Tennessee