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The Right Way to Train for a Marathon

By Jason Karp, PhD | October 21, 2013 |

To paraphrase an ancient Chinese philosopher, “A journey of 26.2 miles begins with a single step.” From the time the Greek runner Pheidippides ran from Marathon to Athens in 490 BC to announce the Greeks’ victory in the Battle of Marathon, humans have had a compelling interest in taking that single step–and many more after it.

Does Foot Pronation Cause Injury?

By Ryan Halvorson | September 19, 2013 |

When starting a running program, beginners always want to put their best foot forward. To avoid injury, many purchase a supportive shoe that minimizes excess movement in the foot. Researchers from Aarhus University in Aarhus, Denmark, suggest that this may not always be necessary.

All in the Family

By Mary Monroe | July 24, 2013 |

Linda Pimentel, owner of Origins of Inner Strength Inc., in Mesquite, Texas, has made Pilates transformations a family affair. She frequently works with families, couples and mother-daughter teams. “I usually work individually at first, to establish boundaries,” she says. “For example, the mother needs to know that during our sessions she isn’t in charge, and the daughter doesn’t get to show off in front of mom.”

Biomechanics of Running In Various Conditions

By Ryan Halvorson | July 1, 2013 |

Barefoot running has become increasingly popular. Many runners turn to minimalist footwear in the hope of mimicking barefoot running, but with more protection. But is running in minimalist shoes biomechanically similar to going barefoot?
No, say researchers from various Australian universities.

“Barefoot” Shoes Improve Balance

By Ryan Halvorson | April 29, 2013 |

Barefoot-style shoes are growing in popularity, with some users convinced they improve running economy and help prevent injury. A new study suggests that wearing Vibram® FiveFingers “toe” shoes may have other positive benefits.

Preferred Foot Strike Among Barefoot Cultures

By Ryan Halvorson | April 1, 2013 |

When it comes to running—both shod and barefoot—debate abounds as to which foot strike is best, with many favoring a forefoot strike (FFS) or midfoot strike (MFS) over a rear-foot strike (RFS) for efficiency and injury prevention. But is there really an optimal way to run?

Runners Go Pants-Free for Charity

By Ryan Halvorson | January 25, 2013 |

After his brother was diagnosed with neurofibromatosis, Chad Leathers and his two friends Brendan Hanrahan and Bobby Gill decided to help. Two years ago, the trio founded Cupid’s Undie Run, a fundraiser for the Children’s Tumor Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization working to end the disease.

On February 9, 2013, more than 8,000 people will hit the streets of 17 cities in the United States for a 1.5-mile run in, you guessed it, their underwear.

Individuals and teams will work to fulfill the goal of raising more than $1 million for the foundation.

Improve Running Economy

By Ryan Halvorson | January 25, 2013 |

Want to improve your client’s running time in less than 30 minutes? Try this new 10-20-30 concept proposed by researchers from the University of Copenhagen’s department of exercise and sports sciences.

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