Wellness is an umbrella term that covers many dimensions, including physical, social, emotional, spiritual, environmental, occupational and intellectual well-being. Like other wellness professionals, you probably strive to provide comprehensive programs that inspire clients to reach their goals while staying connected to life during that transformation. This year, focus on transforming yourself at the IDEA World Fitness Convention, July 15-19, at L.A. LIVE in downtown Los Angeles.

Expansion and Evolution

With over 12,000 personal trainers, group fitness instructors, mind-body professionals, owners and managers, and experts from every corner of the globe, the IDEA World Fitness Convention is a must-attend event. Fitness and wellness pros who attend gain valuable education skills and strategies to expand their skill sets; they discover diversity that evolves their careers or businesses; and they establish expert connections that open doors and offer new opportunities.

This year’s convention will include over 375 lectures, workouts and workshops, with up to 30 sessions offered in every time block, over 230 presenters, and the potential to earn up to 30 CECs. In addition, attendees can explore over 300 of the top industry brands in fitness, nutrition, technology and wellness at the IDEA World Fitness & Nutrition Expo.

The convention will be held at L.A. LIVE in downtown L.A., home to the Grammys, Emmys and ESPYs, with plenty to do and see close by in Los Angeles or on excursions throughout sunny Southern California.

Inspiring Mind-Body Sessions

More than ever, this year’s program reflects the diversity and wholeness of the many practices geared toward helping people connect body and mind. “The mind-body sessions offered at this year’s convention encapsulate the entire wellness spectrum,” says Aprile Peishel, director of event programming. “We have everything from traditional formats, such as yoga and meditation, to interesting fusion classes and twists on standard movement themes.”

Here is a rundown of this year’s mind-body lineup:

  • 8 barre sessions, with a variety of options
  • 25 Pilates sessions, some of which focus on special populations and on topics such as prenatal women, cancer, aging and more
  • 13 yoga sessions, with information on adjustments, terminology, sequencing, working with different populations, and other topics
  • 11 mind-body fusion sessions covering a wide array of subtopics, such as meditation, older-adult instruction, dance-inspired sessions, unique equipment, martial arts, etc.
  • various nontraditional offerings that focus on sports psychology and flow, with an emphasis on stretching, yoga-inspired movement, cycling applications and more

Connection: Yoga and Pilates

Yoga is thousands of years old—how can there be any new angles to explore within this ancient practice? IDEA World Fitness Convention presenters prove that modern education fits well with yogic exploration. Here are just a few of the many classes to choose from:

  • Rock Your Yoga Practice With Indo Board
  • The Yoga Rx for Neck and Back Dysfunction
  • Vinyasa Fitness Yoga
  • P4 Yoga 2.0: Power, Pose, Practice and Play
  • Rolling Yoga With the ActivMotion Bar™
  • Flow Play: Yoga, Music and Neuroscience!

Kristy Manuel, MS, a YogaFit® master trainer, is presenting several sessions, including YogaPlus: Yoga for Every BODY!, which is taught from the perspective of a plus-size student. Manuel says that creating an environment that enables clients who are overweight or obese not only to feel successful but to be successful is a key factor in whether or not they will return to yoga classes. “The poses we choose, how we teach them and the language we use all contribute to helping our clients move toward transforming their lives with yoga,” she says. “You might be surprised that yoga for weight loss is not all about high-intensity sun salutations. The workouts can be gentle or fast-paced depending on the student. Teaching yoga for overweight and obese clients requires knowledge of pose modifications and how to help students learn to relax so they can bring balance into their nervous systems and their lives.”

Pilates continues its reign as a powerhouse in the mind-body world for its ability to connect people with their centers through precision, breath and control. Several sessions at this year’s convention focus on going deeper with this practice with finely tuned content. Here is a sampling of this year’s Pilates program:

  • Pilates Fit!
  • STOTT PILATES®: Conditioning Towel Workout
  • Pilates Mat—A Global Approach
  • Pilates Training for Ultimate Running Success WS
  • STOTT PILATES®: Matwork™ for Breast Cancer Rehabilitation
  • Balanced Body®: Functional Pilates Circuits With Props

Transformation: Mix-and-Match Mind-Body

To round out the exemplary education at this year’s event, several sessions provide variations on the mind-body connection theme. Many classes are creative fusions and hybrids of meditation, breath work, stretching, flowing and martial arts. Barre sessions also entice attendees to learn new ways to train. Here are just a few of this year’s “miscellaneous” mind-body options:

  • H.I.I.T. It With Zen Training
  • Flow Play: Yoga, Music and Neuroscience
  • Meditation Matters—Push-Ups for the Brain
  • Jungshin Fitness®: Slice It Up
  • MOVE I.T.—Interval Cardio Dance, by Nia
  • Barre Skillz

June Kahn, June Kahn’s Bodyworks, LLC, says that her session “Heart ‘N Sole Barre None” will help take workouts “beyond choreography.” The session “is like taking your body back to school for a higher education,” Kahn says. “You’ll experience challenging movements that teach your body how to perform effortlessly and appropriately.”

To get the full impact of how this year’s mind-body sessions will inspire, connect and transform you, and to register, please visit www.ideafit.com/world.

3-Payment Plan for Easy Budgeting

Sign up for the budget-friendly 3-payment plan by February 1 and get instant access to select your sessions today. For more information, or to sign up for the 3-payment plan, please visit www.ideafit.com/world.

Calling All College Students and Teachers

Ask about the IDEA World Fitness Discovery College Program, which helps college students gain exposure, practical skills and career advice, while educators and collegiate recreational professionals gain high-quality, research-based programming to repurpose for the classroom. To find out more, see www.ideafit.com/world/discovery.

Joy Keller

Joy Keller is executive editor of IDEA Fitness Journal and IDEA Fit Business Success, and is also a certified personal trainer, indoor cycling instructor, yoga teacher (RYT 200) and Reiki Master.

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