Training for Growth
By Sherri McMillan, MSc, and Alex McMillan

Diversifying Your Revenue Streams
When business is flowing in from several different channels, your profit pool never dries up. Are you searching for ways to ensure the stability of your personal training business? Our 5,000-square-foot personal training studio in Vancouver, Washington, generates more than $600,000 per year in revenue. We are 100% confident that the best step we’ve ever taken to grow our business has been to diversify our revenue streams. Our experience demonstrates that when private training is slow (as in the summer months), our business doesn’t suffer, because other revenue streams ramp up and pull the weight. Here’s a look at the scope of our business.

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15% 60% Revenue Streams for Northwest Personal Training & Fitness Education
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Personal Training
Private and partner training are the bread and butter of our business and represent about 60% of our total revenue. We advise you to spend most of your marketing dollars and time highlighting this aspect of your business. However, a number of years ago, we recognized that offering only private one-on-one sessions was limiting personal training to the very wealthy clients who could afford it, so we began to offer group training. Group training satisfies the desire of most personal trainers to make a difference in people’s lives. Instead of helping only one person, your trainers can make an impact on four to 10 people in the same amount of time. Group training makes up about 15% of our business revenue. It’s not the bulk

of our business, but it offers so many benefits that we wouldn’t even consider dropping it. We currently have 80 people involved in our group training program, which generates about $8,000 per month in revenue. Group training works because the trainer, fitness facility and client all benefit. Trainer and Facility Benefits. Like anyone else, trainers can get tired of doing the same thing every day. But in group training the options are limitless, so it is perfect for adding excitement and diversity to a trainer’s career. For example, a group trainer can be involved as a private trainer, a clinic leader, a boxing-camp instructor and an abdominal-conditioning presenter all at the same time.

Group training also provides exposure to a larger market of potential clients. We’ve found that many group training participants purchase a few private sessions to custom-design their programs. Hence, group training has become a fabulous feeder into private training, benefiting both our trainers and our facility. (See “How the Group Training Program Works” on the next page for the details.) Client Benefits. Because group training is so cost-effective, participants work out more often, so they are more likely to see results–and of course that encourages them to work out more often! We’ve found that clients who obtain the best results are those who see a private trainer once or twice a week and then participate in group training to complement their private sessions. For our group training programs, we use a variety of cool tools like BOSU