“It is our obligation to empower the clients we serve with all the necessary and key tools needed for long-term success and longevity in health, fitness and wellness,” says Daniel Omokha. He personally accomplishes this by frequently attending fitness conferences and workshops to “learn and pick up ideas from the best in the world.” Daniel encourages other fitness professionals to do this as well. He believes learning from colleagues and having relationships with them is valuable because “we’re all one at the end of the day.”

Daniel enjoys participating in obstacle courses and fitness challenges alongside his clients, which he believes “fosters camaraderie and brings members of the community together.” When exercising on his own, Daniel enjoys cycling, running, rock climbing, mountain biking, basketball, obstacle courses and boxing. However, his absolute favorite workout involves athletic conditioning drills because he says they offer “aerobic and anaerobic benefits while burning more calories than other conventional methods of cardio.”

Daniel’s mission is to spread and promote wellness and a healthy lifestyle to the world, and he strives to do this daily.