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Creative Ideas That Inspire

At Hot Feet Fitness in Burien, Washington, members break a sweat with Hot Feet Fitness. This 21-minute, high-intensity class takes place in a 100° Fahrenheit room with 40% humidity.

Located in West Hollywood, California, Best U Studio offers a unique circuit class that blends Pilates, barre, dance and a weighted U bar. Best U focuses on strength, breathing, control and centering. The weighted bar also helps attendees improve their balance and coordination.

Red Hot Barre, offered at Main Line Health & Fitness in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, combines ballet and dance into a fast-paced workout set to the latest pop tunes. Participants improve their cardio, strength and flexibility while learning the latest dance moves.

Offered at Germantown Athletic Club in Germantown, Tennessee, 3-2-1 is a challenging full-body workout. This session is set up in a repeating interval format starting with 3 minutes of cardio, followed by 2 minutes of strength training and ending with 1 minute of core work.

At St. Vincent’s One Nineteen Fitness Center in Hoover, Alabama, members choose from a variety of classes, including C.R.U.S.H. and Chair Yogalates. C.R.U.S.H. is a 1-hour total-body workout that combines weight training and cardio intervals to challenge participants’ fitness levels. Chair Yogalates incorporates yoga and Pilates fundamentals into a 45-minute session performed while seated in a chair.

Morning Gloryville, offered once a month at different locations in New York City is an early morning dance party that gets attendees’ hearts pumping. Participants start their days on a positive note with some cardio, an expert massage and good company.

Found at South Jordan Fitness & Aquatic Center in South Jordan, Utah, Triple “S” uses an adjustable step platform and hand weights to improve
participants’ strength, cardiovascular fitness, coordination and flexibility. This 75-minute workout mixes high-intensity step with strength training exercises and ends with a complete full-body stretch.

D.I.G., offered at CORE Fitness Studio in Raleigh, North Carolina, is designed to challenge attendees’ strength and cardiovascular fitness. This class fuses strength training and short sprint intervals on the treadmill.

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