Located in Boston, The Club by George Foreman III offers

BOX-FIIT 360™.

Participants complete 36 minutes of circuits, visiting 12 individual stations. The class combines cardio, strength and boxing through a variety of training modalities, including suspension exercises, rowing, biking, kettlebells, boxing, jump rope and turf exercises. The workouts change weekly to provide members with new goals.

San Francisco’s iconic Grace Cathedral is home to

Yoga on the Labyrinth,

where hundreds of people of all ages, faiths and orientations practice yoga set to live music every Tuesday night. Many of the students are locals, but the class also draws people from all over the world. The class is suitable for all levels, and no prior yoga experience is required.

Flex Studios in New York offers


which features a unique combination machine called the FLEXformer, co-designed by studio founder Jeanette Simon. The machine incorporates two of the most effective pieces of Pilates equipment: the reformer and the wunda chair. The resulting class is fast-paced and includes both strength and cardio.

CYCLEPATHIC® Fitness in Santa Monica, California, offers a way to offset high-intensity workouts with a foam-rolling class called

Slow Your Roll.

Participants are guided on how to properly use the foam roller to loosen tight muscles and increase flexibility.

Just in time for ski season, Movement Climbing + Fitness in Boulder, Colorado, offers

Ski Fit.

The class is geared toward strengthening lower-body muscles and increasing anaerobic capacity in high altitudes.

Denise Medved is the founder of

Ageless Grace®

and teaches the class to seniors in Hendersonville, North Carolina. Sessions range from 30 to 60 minutes and are accompanied by upbeat, generation-specific music. Participants remain seated in a chair, and the primary focus is to increase and maintain neuroplasticity. The movements aim to promote the three “Rs” of aging gracefully: Respond, react and recover.

The Van Gogh Lounge in Providence, Rhode Island, is a dance club at night and a fitness club during the day, offering a class called


Started by twin sisters, Jounce uses strobe lights, loud music, trampolines and weights. In addition, participants perform squats, push-ups, pull-ups and kickboxing. n

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